One in this series of comedy programs about the personal and professional life of Rob Petrie, the head comedy writer for television's "Alan Brady Show."

Rob stays up late to watch a science-fiction movie on television, much to Laura’s displeasure. He becomes quite enthralled with the plot, which has something to do with walnuts containing unstable elements from an alien world and an alien emissary resembling a mutated version of Danny Thomas attempting to transform humankind into replicas of himself, but lacking both the capacity for imagination and thumbs. However, Laura is frightened by the film and doesn’t want to hear about it in spite of Rob’s enthusiasm. Eventually they both go to sleep, but Rob continues to pester Laura about the movie and its walnut-centric plot. The next morning Rob finds walnuts scattered all over the floor and believes Laura is trying to get back at him, but she claims that she had nothing to do with it. However, she does annoy him by replacing his breakfast with walnuts.

He gets to the office and tells Sally and Buddy about his argument with Laura, and becomes further annoyed when Buddy starts eating walnuts in front of him and he finds a walnuts in his typewriter and desk drawer. Rob believes that they are involved in some sort of prank on him, although Buddy and Sally deny this. He discovers that one of the guests on his show that week is Danny Thomas, and refuses to work until he finds out what is going on. Sally and Buddy start acting strangely, and Rob becomes further paranoid when Mel mentions the name of the alien on the science-fiction movie. Alone, Rob tries to figure out what is going on and is frightened when he discovers a shiny metallic object inside the walnut Laura gave to him that morning. He tries to call her but she laughs sinisterly and hangs up on him.

Suddenly Danny Thomas enters looking for him, although he speaks with an English accent in a similar fashion to the character from the science-fiction movie resembling him. He claims that he actually is the character and calls Rob “the last remaining Earth person.” Rob tells him to go away and he exits, leaving behind a few walnuts tossed over his shoulder. After he leaves, Rob discovers that his thumbs have somehow vanished, and he is convinced that he is dreaming and must return home to his bed. He comes home and opens a closet only to be deluged with walnuts, along with Laura lying amongst them. He tries to get her to help him wake up, but to no avail. Rob becomes convinced that Laura has transformed into an alien creature, and she confirms his suspicions by revealing another set of eyes on the back of her head. Sally, Buddy, Mel, and Danny Thomas emerge and they all start laughing at Rob as he scrambles to escape. Finally Rob wakes up from his nightmare screaming, although he is relieved to be safe in his bed. Laura awakens as well, having experienced a similar nightmare. Unable to sleep, they try to watch television to calm themselves down, but it proves to be unhelpful. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: February 6, 1964 9:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:24:58
  • COLOR/B&W: B&W
  • CATALOG ID: B:54487
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - TV series, 1961-1966


  • Sheldon Leonard … Executive Producer
  • Carl Reiner … Producer, Created by, Writer
  • Ronald Jacobs … Associate Producer
  • Jerry Paris … Director
  • Earle Hagen … Music by
  • Dick Van Dyke … Cast, Rob Petrie
  • Rose Marie … Cast, Sally Rogers
  • Morey Amsterdam … Cast, Buddy Sorrell
  • Larry Matthews … Cast, Richie Petrie
  • Mary Tyler Moore … Cast, Laura Petrie
  • Richard Deacon … Cast, Mel Cooley
  • Danny Thomas … Cast, Kolak
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