One in this remake of the 1983 science-fiction television miniseries of the same name, about the arrival of a race of space aliens and their interactions with humanity.

Erica pulls herself from the wreckage of her car and fights with Malik, managing to knock her unconscious. Soon thereafter she is found by Father Landry and Kyle. She instructs Kyle to capture Malik and take her in for questioning about Anna’s plans, and Kyle blows up Erica’s car to cover her tracks. Lisa’s skin starts to mutate into a reptilian appearance, and Anna explains that she is growing a “breeding skin” in order to accommodate her new status as queen. She explains that Lisa’s body will undergo several changes as a precursor to achieving fertility. Anna tells Diana about this development and Diana warns her that Lisa could try to betray her. Anna denies this and says she will instruct Lisa on how to lead their people. Erica is recovered by the FBI and claims she was attacked by men in masks who kidnapped Malik. Marcus informs Anna of Malik’s capture and she orders that all evidence of her activities be destroyed. She also orders Ryan to find Malik and figure out who kidnapped her. Ryan reluctantly obeys, blackmailed by Anna threatening to cause his daughter to experience pain again with her mental abilities.

Sidney shows Erica an analysis of Tyler’s DNA indicating that a number of segments are missing, suggesting that he is being genetically modified by the Visitors in some fashion. They, along with Kyle, Father Landry, and Ryan, decide to torture Malik for more information, and Ryan suggests that they skin her. He cautions that she will die soon after being skinned. Erica suspects that she has had so many partners who turned out to be Visitors because they wanted to get close to Tyler. Tyler, meanwhile, is concerned that his mother was apparently attacked by Fifth Columnists and asks Lisa and Anna for assistance; he suspects that Father Landry is connected somehow. Erica and company discover that Marcus is searching for Malik, and Ryan breaks off one of her fingers. He and Erica find Malik’s apartment and use her finger to bypass a biometric security measure on a safe hidden behind her oven. They find a cache of various kinds of currency, fake law enforcement identifications, and a Visitor device containing files on a number of seemingly unrelated people. Visitors arrive at the apartment and Erica and Ryan escape, setting off an improvised explosive behind them.

Chad meets with Anna, who requests that he do a televised interview with Father Landry. He confers with Father Landry about the matter, advising him not to go on television. However, Father Landry believes that he can sway others to join his cause, and make it more difficult for the Visitors to attack him directly. Erica, Ryan, and Kyle try to research the people detailed in Malik’s files, but find that none of them have corresponding records in any database they have encountered. Anna shows Lisa a device of Joshua’s design which she claims will “eliminate the human soul,” which threatens her plans. He explains that the device intends to somehow remove souls, and that he will require hundreds of thousands of test subjects. Disguised Visitors begin kidnapping people off the street to serve as these test subjects.

Ryan figures out that Malik’s files represent people abducted for Anna’s tests, and finds one for Sophie Allen, a young girl abducted earlier that day. Father Landry gives another service and is interrupted by a parishioner accusing him of being complicit in the suicide bombing on the Visitor healing center the previous day. Father Landry denies this, preaching that while he stands by his accusations against the Visitors, he urges his followers not to resort to violence. A fight breaks out amongst the congregation; the one who incited it is actually a disguised Visitor. Father Landry breaks up the fight himself and says that he will take all blame for the loss of life at the healing center. The Visitor leaves and the rest of the congregation looks on, stunned; the entire incident is broadcast live on national television as a lead-up to Chad’s interview with Father Landry. Erica and Ryan visit Sophie’s mother Betty, claiming to be acting on FBI business. Betty says that Sophie ran away from home six months ago and has no leads as to her whereabouts, although she begs for their help in locating her. Kyle prepares to skin Malik in order to torture her, but Sidney insists that they need her alive for the time being in order to run more tests, hopefully determining more about what is happening to Tyler.

Chad discovers that Anna intends to edit his broadcast of Father Landry’s interview in order to make it appear that he is a hypocrite about his view on violence. Erica has difficulty deciding on what to do with Malik; she feels guilty about prioritizing her own son’s life over the lives of the many people being abducted by Anna. However, she decides to give Kyle permission to skin Malik anyway. She refuses to give them any information as Kyle and Ryan continue to torture her. Eventually Malik gives in and reveals that the abductees are being targeted by a Visitor posing as a driver for an aid organization giving food to the homeless in New Jersey. She says she knows nothing about Anna’s plans for Tyler. Satisfied, Erica has Kyle administer a sedative to Malik, allowing her to die in relative peace. Ryan, Kyle, and Erica track down the van driven by the Visitor identified by Malik, but find it empty. The Visitor drags Sophie away into the nearby woods and the three of them chase after him. Erica shoots him, but he incinerates himself before they can capture him. They recover Sophie, who has been drugged and according to Ryan will remember nothing of the encounter. However, they are too late to save the other abductees, who are loaded on to a Visitor shuttle and taken away.

Joshua begins conducting experiments on one of the abductees, explaining that his machine will slowly extract the various tissues of the human body, hopefully leaving only the soul remaining. Lisa is visibly uncomfortable at the procedure and Anna tries to tell her that the lives of a few humans are inconsequential compared with the survival of their species; she orders Lisa to continue the experiments herself. Erica and Ryan take Sophie back to Betty, and the two of them are overjoyed to be reunited. Chad tells Father Landry about the manipulative editing Anna used against him; the video of his “fight” has gone viral. He realizes that Anna planted the Visitor in the congregation in order to start the fight deliberately. Father Landry is unperturbed by this setback and decides that the time has come to introduce Chad to the other Fifth Columnists. The others are leery of Chad’s presence, and he understands their misgivings. Erica shows him the dead, partially-skinned body of Malik, and Chad is horrified to discover the true appearance of the Visitors. Anna congratulates Tyler; it turns out that he was at Father Landry’s service and captured footage of him on his cell phone for Anna to use. She asks him to watch out for Lisa, and says he is “like a son” to her. Lisa visits Erica at her home and tells her about her transformation and Anna’s attempts to manipulate her. Erica says she can always talk to her if need be. Anna tells Diana that she has proved her wrong about Lisa’s disobedience, but Diana is uncertain of this. Ryan tells Anna that he has discovered the Fifth Column’s hideout. Includes commercials.


  • DATE: January 18, 2011 9:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:00:57
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 105439
  • GENRE: Drama, fantasy/science fiction
  • SUBJECT HEADING: TV - Drama, fantasy/science-fiction
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 2009-2011
  • COMMERCIALS: TV – Commercials – Verizon phone service^TV – Commercials – Outback restaurants^TV – Commercials – McDonald’s restaurants^TV – Commercials – Honda automobiles^TV – Commercials – Mazda automobiles^TV – Commercials – “The Rite” motion picture^TV – Commercials – Nationwide insurance^TV – Commercials – AT&T phone service^TV – Commercials – Emergen-C vitamin supplement^TV – Commercials – Pizza Hut pizza^TV – Commercials – “Sanctum” motion picture^TV – Commercials – Ford automobiles^TV – Commercials – T-Mobile phone service^TV – Commercials – DayQuil cold medicine^TV – Commercials – Chili’s restaurants^TV – Commercials – Samsung smartphones^TV – Commercials – Buick automobiles^TV – Commercials – Colgate toothpaste^TV – Commercials – Visa credit cards^TV – Commercials – “Takers” motion picture^TV – Commercials – Best Buy electronics store^TV – Commercials – TurboTax electronic tax service^TV – Commercials – H&R Block tax services^TV – Commercials – Royal Caribbean cruise line^TV – Commercials – Apple tablets^TV – Commercials – Nissan automobiles^TV – Commercials – Red Lobster restaurants^TV – Promos – “The Middle”^TV – Promos – “Off the Map”^TV – Promos – “20/20: The Congresswoman & the Astronaut: an American Story of Love and Strength”^TV – Promos – “Cougar Town”^TV – Promos – “Body of Proof”^TV – Promos – “Mr. Sunshine”^TV – Promos – “Modern Family”^TV – Promos – “V”


    • Scott Rosenbaum … Executive Producer
    • Steve Pearlman … Executive Producer
    • Jace Hall … Executive Producer
    • Gwendolyn M. Parker … Co-Executive Producer, Writer
    • Hans Tobeason … Co-Executive Producer
    • David Rambo … Co-Executive Producer
    • Kathy Gilroy … Producer
    • Dean Widenmann … Co-Producer
    • Cameron Litvack … Co-Producer
    • Brian Wankum … Co-Producer
    • Gregg Hurwitz … Consulting Producer
    • Rockne S. O'Bannon … Consulting Producer
    • David Barrett … Director
    • Scott Peters … Developed by
    • Kenneth Johnson … Created by, Based on the miniseries created by
    • Marco Beltrami … Music by
    • Normand Corbeil … Theme Music by
    • Elizabeth Mitchell … Cast, Erica Evans
    • Morris Chestnut … Cast, Ryan Nichols
    • Joel Gretsch … Cast, Father Jack Landry
    • Logan Huffman … Cast, Tyler Evans
    • Laura Vandervoort … Cast, Lisa
    • Charles Mesure … Cast, Kyle Hobbes
    • Morena Baccarin … Cast, Anna
    • Scott Wolf … Cast, Chad Decker
    • Jane Badler … Cast, Diana
    • Christopher Shyer … Cast, Marcus
    • Mark Hildreth … Cast, Joshua
    • Rekha Sharma … Cast, Sarita Malik
    • Roark Critchlow … Cast, Paul Kendrick
    • Chilton Crane … Cast, Betty Allen
    • Bret Harrison … Cast, Dr. Sidney Miller
    • Jaimie Mortimer Lamb … Cast, Sophie
    • Michael Patric … Cast, Angry Man
    • Sean Tyson … Cast, Parishioner
    • Christopher Rosamund … Cast, Ed
    • John Paul McGlynn … Cast, Terrified Man
    • Trinity Jarman … Cast, Baby