One in this series of dramatic specials presented by Hallmark. In this production of George Bernard ShawÕs play, set circa 48 B.C., a triumphant Julius Caesar conquers Egypt. There he encounters Queen Cleopatra and forms a unique mentoring relationship with the young monarch. Emphasizing CaesarÕs role as an instructor to Cleopatra (and de-emphasizing their historical romantic liaison), the production portrays Cleopatra as a young and foolish ruler who does not comprehend the responsibility involved in wielding great power. Caesar, by contrast, is old, weary, and tired of bloodshed. Together they intimidate Ptolemy, CleopatraÕs younger brother and a pretender to the throne, and survive a number of battles. While their relationship suffers as Cleopatra comes into her own as a leader and rumors of deceit on her part abound, the pairÕs mutual respect -- and mutual fear -- keep their friendship alive. Commercials deleted.

(This program contains minor technical problems. This represents the best copy of this program currently available to the Museum.)

("Hallmark Hall of Fame" aired on NBC from 1952 to 1978; network affiliation varies after 1978.)

(Beginning with the live telecast of the opera "Amahl and the Night Visitors" on December 24, 1951, Hallmark has sponsored a series of dramatic specials which, since 1952, has aired under the title "Hallmark Hall of Fame." From 1952 to 1955 Hallmark also presented "Hallmark Hall of Fame," a weekly half-hour or hour-long dramatic anthology series, usually hosted by Sarah Churchill. The first program, "Dr. Serocold," was televised in January 1952 under the title "Hallmark Television Theatre." This series also ran under the title "Hallmark Summer Theatre" in July and August 1952.)


  • DATE: February 1, 1976 Sunday 5:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:12:06
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:32813
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1951-1978


  • Lewis Rudd … Executive Producer
  • David Susskind … Producer
  • Duane Bogie … Producer
  • Margaret Matheson … Associate Producer
  • James Cellan Jones … Director
  • George Bernard Shaw … Based on the play by
  • Audrey Maas … Adapted by
  • Michael Lewis … Music by
  • Alec Guinness … Cast, Caesar
  • Genevieve Bujold … Cast, Cleopatra
  • Margaret Courtenay … Cast, Ftatateeta
  • Iain Cuthbertson … Cast, Rufio
  • Noel Willman … Cast, Pothinus
  • David Steuart … Cast, Theodotus
  • Gareth Thomas … Cast, Achillas
  • Michael Bryant … Cast, Britannus
  • Clive Francis … Cast, Apollodorus
  • Jolyon Bates … Cast, Ptolemy
  • Roy Stewart … Cast, the Nubian Slave
  • Matthew Long … Cast, the Wounded Soldier
  • Michael Poole … Cast, the Centurion
  • Neville Phillips … Cast, the Major-Domo
  • Ludmila Nova … Cast, Charmian
  • Kristin Hatfield … Cast, Iras