The first of four programs on this asset. One in a series of fantasy/science fiction programs about the Doctor, a mysterious man who travels through time in a device shaped like an English police call box. The Doctor and Sarah Jane prepare for a beach holiday on the pleasant planet of Florana. However, the TARDIS suffers an unexpected malfunction and loses power, crashing onto the surface of an unknown world. Nothing appears to work, not even a flashlight, forcing them to light the way with an oil lamp. They step out onto the surface of the planet, a barren rocky wasteland permeated in a chilling fog. The Doctor believes that someone or something is deliberately interfering with the TARDIS's power source, and wants to investigate. The Doctor takes a look around while Sarah Jane goes back into the TARDIS to change into warmer clothes. The Doctor is ambushed and captured by several mysterious hooded figures. Sarah Jane emerges from the TARDIS and finds the Doctor missing, leaving only the blood-stained oil lamp. She runs back to the TARDIS, where she encounters one of the hooded figures. She fights him off and flees the TARDIS to evade the other figures. Meanwhile, the Doctor seizes an opportunity and fights off his captors, escaping them. While searching for the Doctor, Sarah Jane stumbles across an ancient city structure glowing with an unearthly light. Morning comes and the Doctor wanders through the rocky terrain. He avoids a trap set up in a valley and is briefly assaulted by a man in a blue uniform before he is called off by his commander. Realizing he is not a foe, the two men invite the Doctor back to their base. They hurry on, all the time secretly watched by more hooded figures. The Doctor is brought to the makeshift base, where he is introduced to its occupants, all members of an expedition sent by Earth's Marine Space Corps. There is the leader, Captain Richard Railton, Commander Stewart, who is incapacitated due to an attack by the natives, geologist Jill Tarrant, weapons officer Dan Galloway, and Lieutenant Peter Hamilton. He learns that they are on the planet Exxilon and that the hooded figures, the native Exxilons, are usually active only at night. The Doctor wants to get back to the TARDIS, guessing that Sarah Jane has already gone out looking for him. They warn the Doctor about the Exxilons' "forbidden city;" only the Exxilon high priests may enter it and all others who try are sacrificed. Sarah Jane approaches the forbidden city and notices it has no doors or windows, and that it is highly technologically advanced. An Exxilon sneaks up behind her and captures her. Captain Railton explains to the Doctor that their ship suffered malfunctions similar to the TARDIS when they entered Exxilon's atmosphere. The expedition explains their purpose on Exxilon: to collect the chemical parrinium common to this world in order to help stop a devastating disease killing millions throughout Earth's outer colony worlds. Their request for a relief ship has gone unanswered, but just then they spot what appears to be another ship landing on Exxilon and rush off to greet it. They leave Commander Stewart behind, and several Exxilons take the opportunity to infiltrate the base. Meanwhile, Sarah Jane is brought before an Exxilon high priest who demands that she be sacrificed for approaching the forbidden city. The Doctor and the Marine expedition approach the ship as it lands. To their horror, a cadre of Daleks emerges from the ship and threatens to exterminate them all. (Continues in ACCNUM 110607).


  • DATE: February 23, 1974
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:24:32
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 108058
  • GENRE: Drama, fantasy/science fiction
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Drama, fantasy/science fiction
  • SERIES RUN: BBC - TV series, 1963-1989; 2005-


    • Barry Letts … Producer
    • Michael Briant … Director
    • Terry Nation … Writer
    • Carey Blyton … Music by
    • London Saxophone Quartet, The … Music by
    • Ron Grainer … Theme Music by
    • BBC Radiophonic Workshop … Theme Music by
    • Jon Pertwee … Cast, The Doctor
    • Elisabeth Sladen … Cast, Sarah Jane Smith
    • Duncan Lamont … Cast, Dan Galloway
    • John Abineri … Cast, Richard Railton
    • Neil Seiler … Cast, Commander Stewart
    • Julian Fox … Cast, Peter Hamilton
    • Joy Harrison … Cast, Jill Tarrant
    • Mostyn Evans … Cast, High Priest
    • John Scott-Martin … Cast, Dalek Operator
    • Cy Town … Cast, Dalek Operator
    • Murphy Grunbar … Cast, Dalek Operator
    • Michael Wisher … Voice, Daleks