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This televised charity special, hosted by Jimmy Stewart on Soundstage 9 at Burbank Studios, celebrates the long career of acclaimed Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman. Stewart opens the program on the original "Rick's" set from Bergman's famous "Casablanca" (1942), introducing her co-stars Dan Seymour (Abdul the doorman), Leonid Kinskey (Sascha the bartender), Teddy Wilson, relative of the late Dooley Wilson (Sam), and Paul Henreid (Victor Laszlo). Henreid and Bergman drink a toast to the late Humphrey Bogart, and Frank Sinatra takes the stage to sing "As Time Goes By." Next, Goldie Hawn, Bergman's co-star in "Cactus Flower" (1969) thanks Bergman for her mentorship and explains that the event benefits the Variety Club's children's charities. Hawn then acknowledges several of Bergman's extended family members in the audience, including daughters Pia Lindström and Isabella Rossellini and son-in-law Martin Scorsese.

Next, Helen Hayes discusses working with Bergman in "Anastasia" (1956) and introduces the scene in which she, as the Dowager Empress, realizes that the young "imposter," Bergman, is truly her long-lost granddaughter. Pianist Victor Borge takes the stage and discusses another famous "Swede," Mozart, and plays a comical musical number. Richard Widmark then lauds Bergman's brief but memorable performance as one of his twelve assassins in "Murder on the Orient Express" (1974), and a clip is shown of her Oscar-winning performance as Greta Ohlsson. Peter Falk then notes that when Bergman won her third Oscar for the role, she used her speech to praise fellow nominee Valentina Cortese, whom she felt should have won for "Day For Night" (1973). Falk introduces "Arch of Triumph" (1948) director Lewis Milestone, "Cactus Flower" producer and International Heart of Variety Children's Charity president Mike Frankovich, and Bergman's drama school classmate Signe Hasso. Hasso highlights Bergman's 1939 film "Intermezzo: A Love Story," and a group of musicians appear to serenade Bergman with music from the film.

Conductor Gunnar Axel Holmstrom presents Bergman with the Illis Quorum, the medal given to artists of significance by the King of Sweden. Next, Joseph Cotten discusses "Gaslight," (1944), which earned Bergman her first Oscar, and introduces a clip of the scene in which Bergman's much-maligned housewife finally confronts her manipulative husband, played by Charles Boyer. Jack Albertson takes the stage and, referring to the rumors of Bergman's imminent retirement, reminds her that "You Ought to Be in Pictures." Stewart introduces Monty Hall, who explains how this celebration, the fourth in an annual series of arts-themed charity events, marks the opening of a children's hospital wing dedicated to Bergman, similar to those dedicated in the names of previous honorees John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor and Stewart himself.

Bergman's "Notorious" (1946) co-star Cary Grant introduces Bergman herself, and she gives a brief speech in which she presents the guests with a "surprise": clips of her first-ever screen "roles," as seen in home movies shot by her father Justus, featuring footage of a young Bergman with her mother Friedel, who died when Ingrid was only two years old. Includes commercials for Sears.


  • DATE: December 7, 1979 10:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:56:51
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 109472
  • GENRE: Specials
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Actors; Specials; Tributes
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - TV, 1979
    • TV - Commercials - Sears stores
    • TV - Promos - "60 Minutes"
    • TV - Promos - "A Charlie Brown Christmas"
    • TV - Promos - CBS Evening News


  • Paul W. Keyes … Producer, Writer
  • Marc London … Co-Producer, Writer
  • Joe Kay … Associate Producer
  • Dick McDonough … Director
  • Nelson Riddle … Conductor
  • Jimmy Stewart (see also: James Stewart) … Host
  • Ingrid Bergman … Honoree
  • Frank Sinatra … Guest, Performer
  • Victor Borge … Guest, Performer
  • Jack Albertson … Guest, Performer
  • Dan Seymour … Guest
  • Leonid Kinskey … Guest
  • Teddy Wilson … Guest
  • Paul Henried … Guest
  • Goldie Hawn … Guest
  • Pia Lindström … Guest
  • Isabella Rossellini … Guest
  • Martin Scorsese … Guest
  • Helen Hayes … Guest
  • Richard Widmark … Guest
  • Peter Falk … Guest
  • Lewis Milestone … Guest
  • Mike Frankovich … Guest
  • Signe Hasso … Guest
  • Gunnar Axel Holmstrom … Guest
  • Joseph Cotten … Guest
  • Monty Hall … Guest
  • Cary Grant … Guest
  • Friedel Henrietta Augusta Louise Bergman
  • Justus Samuel Bergman
  • Humphrey Bogart
  • Charles Boyer
  • Valentina Cortese
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • John Wayne
  • Dooley Wilson (see also: Arthur Wilson)
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