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One in this series of dramas featuring movie stars in adaptations of films. This adaptation of the 1942 musical, "Holiday Inn," features Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore. Crosby reprises his movie role as Jim Hardy, a man who gives up the fast lane to buy a Connecticut farm which he turns into a nightclub open only on holidays. Short of funds, Jim is unable to open on Christmas as planned, but when the lovely and talented Linda Mason arrives on Christmas day -- offering to perform for no pay -- Jim finds not only a singer-dancer for his holiday revues, but the girl of his dreams. During a successful New Year's Eve opening, however, trouble walks in for Jim in the person of his old friend Ted, a dancer who has a bad habit of stealing Jim's girlfriends. Though Jim does his best to keep them from connecting, Ted finds in Linda the perfect dancing partner and starts performing at the Inn with her. When Ted and Linda are offered a big time Hollywood movie deal, Jim fears he has lost Linda forever. Crosby and Shore sing the following Irving Berlin songs from the movie score: "Happy Holiday," "Holiday Inn," "Abraham," "Be Careful, It's My Heart," and "Easter Parade." Includes commercials and promos; and Crosby reads a public service announcement from the government, recruiting student nurses for the war effort.

(Note: "The Screen Guild Theatre" was a charity program benefiting the Motion Picture Relief Fund. The stars were not paid, and their regular appearance fees were donated to the Fund. After airing from 1939-1948 on CBS, "The Screen Guild Theatre" continued its run on NBC from 1948-1950. In 1950, it moved to ABC and expanded to sixty minutes. The series ended in 1951.)


  • DATE: January 11, 1943 Monday 10:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:30:00
  • COLOR/B&W: N/A
  • CATALOG ID: R89:0021
  • GENRE: Radio - Comedy; Radio - Music
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Comedy; Music, popular (songs, etc.)
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - Radio series, 1939-1948
    • Radio - Commercials - Lady Esther Four-Purpose face cream
    • Radio - PSA - Student Nurses (U.S. war effort)
    • Radio - Promos - "The Screen Guild Theatre"


  • Bill Hampton … Adapted by
  • Irving Berlin … Composer
  • Wilbur Hatch … Conductor, Music (Misc. Credits), Music arranged by
  • Truman Bradley … Announcer
  • Bing Crosby … Cast, Jim Hardy
  • Dinah Shore … Cast, Linda Mason
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