One in this comedy series about a furniture maker who lives with a number of women, including his wife and two daughters, under one roof. Bonnie and Mitzi study together for their driving test, the former taking it for the first time and the latter taking it again. However, Mitzi proves to be a terrible driver with equally terrible eyesight. Jimmy and Donna are invited to a formal reception held by Jay Roarke, a billionaire and Donna’s ex-boyfriend from many years ago. Jay gives them a private tour of his wine cellars and they taste some of his expensive antique wine. Donna asks why Jay hasn’t gotten married, and he reveals that fifteen years ago he drove up to a Christmas tree farm run by Donna’s uncle a few months after she broke up with him, intending to propose to her. Along the way he encountered a young boy and his father buying a small, scrawny tree, but they refuse his offer to buy them a better one. He spies from afar as Jimmy proposes to Donna, and she gladly accepts. Jay believes that had he arrived a few moments earlier, perhaps Donna would have ended up with him instead. Jay surprises Jimmy in his workshop and makes an offer to him: for ten million dollars, Jimmy would relinquish his marriage to Donna so that Jay can marry her. Jimmy calls this idea “ludicrous,” but seeing all of Jay’s vast possessions and holdings makes him wonder if Jay could provide Donna with a better life than he could. A talk with Gene does nothing to allay his fears, as he feels that Jimmy doesn’t deserve Donna, and that she truly would be better off with Jay. Jay returns and uses a snow machine to create artificial snow on the Stiles house, using it as a backdrop to propose to Donna. Jimmy resigns himself to the notion that Donna would be better off with Jay, but Donna disagrees. She reveals something Jay didn’t know about the night Jimmy proposed to her: just before Jay arrived, Jimmy spoke with the boy purchasing the Christmas tree and convinced him that the scrawny tree they purchased was a good one, inspiring the kid to be happy with what he got. This display touched Donna and she notes that Jimmy has always bore his heart to her and his family, which is worth more to her than Jay’s money or possessions. They give Jay back his ring. Mitzi and Bonnie return from their driving test. Both of them were tested by an elderly instructor, but whilst he failed Bonnie, Mitzi passed by asking him out on a date. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: April 17, 2000 8:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:22:36
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:83236
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - TV series, 1999-2001


  • Peter Noah … Executive Producer
  • Chris Thompson … Executive Producer, Created by
  • Jim Vallely … Co-Executive Producer
  • Leslie Caveny … Supervising Producer
  • Bob Heath … Supervising Producer
  • Alfred Molina … Producer
  • Joan Hyler … Producer
  • Trevor Kirschner … Co-Producer
  • Linda Demeduk … Associate Producer
  • Ira Ungerleider … Consulting Producer
  • Shelley Jensen … Director
  • Adam Hamburger … Writer
  • David Hamburger … Writer
  • Jonathan Wolff … Music by
  • Rich Ragsdale … Music by
  • Alfred Molina … Cast, Jimmy Stiles
  • Sharon Lawrence … Cast, Donna Stiles
  • Stephen Root … Cast, Gene
  • Alexa Vega … Cast, Wendy Stiles
  • Shawna Waldron … Cast, Bonnie Stiles
  • Betty White … Cast, Mitzi Stiles
  • Burke Moses … Cast, Jay Roark
  • Michael James Reed … Cast, Father
  • Soren Fulton … Cast, Boy
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