The premiere of this animated series based on the "Lone Ranger" character, about a masked vigilante fighting injustice in the Old West. The first story, "The Iron Giant," begins as the Lone Ranger and Tonto run afoul of a giant robot, which easily defeats them. It goes on a rampage towards town, but Tonto manages to warn the townsfolk with Taka's aid. They evacuate as the robot smashes up the town and robs the local bank. The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive, realizing that the robot is being piloted by someone, who dares them to come after him. They are led into a workshop in a cave where the robot was built, and are trapped within. The Lone Ranger realizes the pilot is Tiny Tom, a villainous dwarf. They fend off Tiny Tom's attacks and the Lone Ranger tricks him into providing an escape route. He defeats the robot by tricking Tiny Tom onto a crumbling ledge. Tiny Tom survives the fall, but the robot is in pieces. In "The Frog People," a group of what appear to be giant humanoid frogs conduct raids on Indian villages to steal jewels from them. The Lone Ranger goes off to a neighboring village, leaving Tonto behind, believing that the frog men will return. Tonto searches along the riverbank and discovers a secret underwater cave, where he finds the "frog people," who are actually human criminals in breathing masks and frog costumes. They spot Tonto and attack him, leaving him to be devoured by their pet octopus. Tonto escapes the octopus, but the robbers trap him in an underwater cage, where a shark attacks him. Tonto manages to escape the cage and the shark, and then attacks one of the robbers and steals his costume and breathing mask. He goes after the other two and manages to subdue both of them. He emerges to tell the Lone Ranger and the other Indians about what he encountered, proclaiming that they are safe now. The third story, "The Deadly Glassman," begins as criminal mastermind Mr. Crystal is in the midst of robbing a valuable gem from a museum. The Lone Ranger and Tonto are already in pursuit of him as he makes off with the gem. Mr. Crystal evades them using a glass decoy of himself, but the Lone Ranger reveals that he switched the real gem for a fake before the robbery. They chase down Mr. Crystal on horseback, eventually coming to a canyon terminating in his glass fortress. The Lone Ranger circles around, leaving Tonto to get stuck in one of Mr. Crystal's traps. Mr. Crystal confronts the Lone Ranger in a hallway filled with glass sculptures, each of which contains a deathtrap. The Lone Ranger simply shoots all of the statues, shattering them into pieces. Mr. Crystal then traps the Lone Ranger in a glass cylinder and slowly opens a trapdoor beneath him, intending to impale him on glass shards. Tonto escapes and comes to the Lone Ranger's rescue, fighting with Mr. Crystal's gigantic henchman. The Lone Ranger goes after Mr. Crystal and evades one final deathtrap before Mr. Crystal gives up, devastated to learn that the gem he stole was a fake. Includes commercials.


  • DATE: September 10, 1966 Saturday 11:30 AM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:30:00
  • COLOR/B&W: B&W copy of a color telecast
  • CATALOG ID: T79:0252
  • GENRE: Animation
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Animation
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - TV series, 1966-1969
  • COMMERCIALS: TV – Commercials – Nestle's Quik chocolate milk^TV – Commercials – Nestle's Crunch candy bar^TV – Commercials – Sugar Pops breakfast cereal^TV – Commercials – Slo-Poke candy^TV – Promos – "It's About Time"^TV – Promos – "Super Saturday"^TV – Promos – "The Beagles"^TV – Promos – "The Road Runner"^TV – Promos – "Tom & Jerry"


  • Arthur A. Jacobs … Executive Producer
  • Rudy Larriva … Supervising Producer, Director
  • Herbert Klynn … Producer
  • Jules Engel … Associate Producer
  • Tom Bagenais … Director, Writer
  • Bob Bransford … Animation
  • Andy Paliwoda … Animation
  • Ed Friedman … Animation
  • Virgil Ross … Animation
  • Hank Smith … Animation
  • Ruben Apodaca … Animation
  • Stan Wilkins … Animation
  • Geoff Collins … Animation
  • Alan Greene … Animation
  • Terry Harrison … Animation
  • David Lindsay … Animation
  • Yvonne Pearsall … Animation
  • Peter Gardiner … Animation
  • Laurie Sharpe … Animation
  • David Whittan … Animation
  • L.L. Goldman … Writer
  • Ken Sobol … Writer
  • Michael Rye … Voice, The Lone Ranger, Various
  • Shepard Menken … Voice, Tonto, Various
  • Dick Beals … Voice, Tiny Tom
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