This program presents a portion of coverage of the 2006 XX Olympic Winter Games from Turin. Highlights of this portion include coverage of the following events and topics:

Anchor sports commentator Bob Costas presides throughout this portion and introduces various events and highlights.

Costas highlights numerous events and athletes, including track speed-skater Apolo Anton Ohno (USA), alpine skier Giorgio Rocca (Italy), alpine skier Bode Miller (USA), alpine skier Ted Ligety (USA), alpine skier Benjamin Raich (Austria), speed-skater Cindy Klassen (Canada), and speed-skater Claudia Pechstein (Germany).

Sports commentators Bob Papa, Carol Lewis, and John Morgan cover the third heat of the men's four-man bobsleigh event, featuring the Switzerland I sled team of Martin Annen, Thomas Lamparter, Beat Hefti, and Cedric Grand, the Germany I sled team of Andre Lange, Rene Hoppe, Kevin Kuske, and Martin Putze, the Russia I sled team of Alexandre Zoubkov, Filipp Egorov, Alexei Seliverstov, and Alexey Voevoda, and the USA I sled team of Todd Hays, Pavle Jovanovic, Steve Mesler, and Brock Kreitzburg.

Sports commentator Bob Neumeier interviews bobsleigh athlete Hays (USA) over his announced retirement from the sport.

Costas highlights men's alpine skiing, featuring Miller (USA) and Raich (Austria).

Sports commentators Tim Ryan and Todd Brooker cover the first run of the men's slalom event: Rocca (Italy) does not finish, Kalle Palander (Finland) finishes with a time of 53.38, Rainer Schonfelder (Austria) finishes with a time of 54.03, Ligety (USA) is disqualified, Raich (Austria) finishes with a time of 53.37, Kentaro Minagawa (Japan) finishes with a time of 53.44, Reinfried Herbst (Austria) finishes with a time of 53.55, Miller does not finish, and Chip Knight (USA) finishes with a time of 54.71.

Sports commentator Steve Porino interviews alpine skier Miller on his failure to win a medal in five different events.

Papa, Lewis, and Morgan cover men's four-man bobsleigh final heat: Germany I wins the gold medal with a total time of 3:40.42, Russia I wins the silver medal with a total time of 3:40.55, Switzerland I wins the bronze medal with a total time of 3:40.83, and USA I finishes fourth with a total time of 3:41.36.

Sports commentators Ted Robinson and Dan Weinstein cover the men's short track speed-skating 500m quarterfinals: Ahn Hyun-Soo (Republic of Korea), Satoru Terao (Japan), Li Juajun (China), Nicola Rodigari (Italy), Eric Bedard (Canada), Jon Eley (Great Britain), Anton Ohno (USA), and Francois-Louis Tremblay (Canada) all advance to the semifinals. Cees Juffermans (Netherlands), Arian Nachbar (Germany), Peter Darazs (Hungary), Lee Ho-Suk (Republic of Korea), Roberto Serra (Italy), Li Haonan (China), Wim de Deyne (Belgium), and Dariusz Kulesza (Poland) are all eliminated.

Sports commentator (unidentified in this portion) interviews short track speed-skater Ohno about his preparation for the Olympic Games and what the sport means to him.

Robinson and Weinstein cover the second race of the women's short track speed-skating 1000m quarterfinals, featuring Choi Eun-Kyung (Republic of Korea) advancing, Amanda Overland (Canada) advancing, Liesbeth Mau Asam (Netherlands) being eliminated, and Kimberly Derrick (USA) being eliminated.

Costas profiles women's short track speed-skater Yang Yang (China) over her past Olympic success.

Robinson and Weinstein cover the women's short track speed-skating 1000m semifinals, featuring Jin Sun-Yu (Republic of Korea), Yang Yang (China), Amanda Overland (Canada), and Arianna Fontana (Italy).


  • DATE: February 25, 2006
  • RUNNING TIME: 01:32:37
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 112831
  • GENRE: Sports
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Alpine Skiing, slalom men
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    • Bob Costas … Anchor Sports Commentator
    • Bob Papa … Sports Commentator
    • John Morgan … Sports Commentator
    • Bob Neumeier … Sports Commentator
    • Tim Ryan … Sports Commentator
    • Todd Brooker … Sports Commentator
    • Steve Porino … Sports Commentator
    • Ted Robinson … Sports Commentator
    • Dan Weinstein … Sports Commentator
    • Carol Lewis … Sports Commentator
    • Apolo Anton Ohno … Athlete
    • Bode Miller … Athlete
    • Ted Ligety … Athlete
    • Benjamin Raich … Athlete
    • Martin Annen … Athlete
    • Thomas Lamparter … Athlete
    • Cedric Grand … Athlete
    • Beat Hefti … Athlete
    • Andre Lange … Athlete
    • Alexandre Zoubkov … Athlete
    • Filipp Yegorov … Athlete
    • Alexei Seliverstov … Athlete
    • Alexey Voevoda … Athlete
    • Todd Hays … Athlete
    • Pavle Jovanovic … Athlete
    • Steve Mesler … Athlete
    • Brock Kreitzburg … Athlete
    • Giorgio Rocca … Athlete
    • Kalle Palander … Athlete
    • Rainer Schonfelder … Athlete
    • Kentaro Minagawa … Athlete
    • Reinfried Herbst … Athlete
    • Chip Knight … Athlete
    • Ahn Hyun-Soo … Athlete
    • Satoru Terao … Athlete
    • Li Juajun … Athlete
    • Nicola Rodigari … Athlete
    • Eric Bedard … Athlete
    • Jon Eley … Athlete
    • Francois-Louis Tremblay … Athlete
    • Cees Juffermans … Athlete
    • Arian Nachbar … Athlete
    • Peter Darazs … Athlete
    • Lee Ho-Suk … Athlete
    • Roberto Serra … Athlete
    • Li Haonan … Athlete
    • Wim de Deyne … Athlete
    • Dariusz Kulesza … Athlete
    • Claudia Pechstein … Athlete
    • Cindy Klassen … Athlete
    • Choi Eun-Kyung … Athlete
    • Amanda Overland … Athlete
    • Liesbeth Mau Asam … Athlete
    • Kimberly Derrick … Athlete
    • Yang Yang (A) … Athlete
    • Jin Sun-Yu … Athlete
    • Arianna Fontana … Athlete
    • Rene Hoppe … Athlete
    • Kevin Kuske … Athlete
    • Martin Putze … Athlete