The premiere of this comedy series about an Episcopal minister dealing with his family and parishioners.

A journalist named Bridgette Collins is doing an article on Mike's sermons when he discovers that one of his children broke one of his commemorative snow globes. He asks all of them who did it and none of them admit to it; he gives them 24 hours to confess. He confides in Bridgette that he can tell that Andy did it from his expression, but wants to let him simmer for a while and "mess with his mind." Meredith advises Mike to ask Bridgette out to the church dance, although Mike doesn't want to. Mike talks to Bridgette and she becomes fascinated by Mike's lack of romantic relationships in his life since his wife passed away three years ago. He admits that he has urges and feelings like anyone else, but keeps them in check due to his position as a minister.

The next morning Mike tries to get Andy to admit to breaking the snow globe, but Andy refuses. The bishop visits Mike and shows him Bridgette's article; Mike is horrified to discover that the entire piece focused on his sexual feelings, and that his statements were taken out of context, thus sensationalizing them. Mike tries to call Bridgette to talk to her about the article, but with no success. Andy admits to Kenny that he broke the snow globe and is starting to feel guilty about it. He goes to talk to Mike to get money to see a movie that night, but Mike continues to try to get Andy to admit his wrongdoing, more upset that his children feel scared to tell him the truth than about the loss of the snow globe. Andy gets the matter off his chest by asking to speak to Mike as a minister rather than a father, thus telling the truth via confession.

At the church dance that night Mike encounters Bridgette, who explains that she couldn't help but write her article about Mike's comments since her story on the sermons didn't turn out as well. Mike feels betrayed since he thought that their conversation was of a more private nature, and furthermore admits that he is attracted to her and thought she reciprocated his feelings. Bridgette doesn't know how to respond and, feeling uncomfortable, leaves. Later Mike comes home and puts his kids to bed. Bridgette arrives and Mike talks to her on the porch, where she admits that she also feels attracted to him. However, she says that a relationship between them would be too difficult due to his children and her dedication to her journalism career. They decide to be just friends, much to Mike's frustration. The episode ends as Mike delivers a sermon about temptation. Includes commercials.


  • DATE: April 15, 1997 8:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:28:57
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:48738
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 1997-1998
  • COMMERCIALS: TV – Commercials – Pepcid heartburn relief^TV – Commercials – Disney World theme park^TV – Commercials – "Warriors of Virtue" motion picture^TV – Commercials – Burger King restaurants^TV – Commercials – Chevy automobiles^TV – Commercials – Pepsi soft drinks^TV – Commercials – Pillsbury cinnamon rolls^TV – Commercials – "Grosse Pointe Blank" motion picture^TV – Commercials – Little Caesar's pizza^TV – Commercials – Ford automobiles^TV – Promos – "U2: a Year in Pop"^TV – Promos – "Forrest Gump"^TV – Promos – "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"^TV – Promos – "Disclosure"^TV – Promos – "Tidal Wave: No Escape"^TV – Promos – "Stephen King's The Shining"^TV – Promos – "ABC News"^TV – Promos – "Turning Point"^TV – Promos – "High Incident"^TV – Promos – "The World's Deadliest Volcanoes"


    • Elliot Shoenman … Executive Producer
    • Dan Aykroyd … Executive Producer
    • Carmen Finestra … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
    • David McFadzean … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
    • Matt Williams … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
    • David Richardson … Co-Executive Producer
    • Marley Sims … Supervising Producer
    • Gayle S. Maffeo … Producer
    • Lisa Albert … Producer
    • Caterina Fiordellisi Nelli … Co-Producer
    • Kim Tushinksy … Associate Producer
    • Andrew Tsao … Director
    • Dan Foliart … Music by
    • Isaac Hayes … Theme Music by
    • David Porter … Theme Music by
    • Dan Aykroyd … Cast, Rev. Mike Weber
    • Kevin Sheridan … Cast, Kenny Weber
    • Brendon Ryan Barrett … Cast, Andy Weber
    • Courtney Chase … Cast, Meredith Weber
    • Spencer Breslin … Cast, Fred Weber
    • Dakin Matthews … Cast, The Bishop
    • Melinda McGraw … Cast, Bridgette
    • Pat Crawford Brown … Cast, Gladys