The unaired pilot episode in this drama series about a troubled lawyer whose life is overtaken by his employers: a super-rich, morally-challenged family in New York City. In this episode, attorney Nick George muses that money may truly be the root of all evil as his father Dutch's crashed plane is pulled from the Long Island Sound. He recalls how Dutch's lifelong devotion to the wealthy Darling family drove his wife to suicide and caused a rift between father and son, and Dutch's funeral is overshadowed by the arrival of the family members, including husband and wife Tripp and Tish, attorney general Patrick, thrice-divorced Karen, flighty twins Juliet and Jeremy and Reverend Brian, who makes his dislike of both Nick and Dutch clear. Later, the family argues about Tripp's plans to hire Nick as Dutch's replacement, and Tripp cites Nick's moral fiber as he asks him to become their lawyer. Nick declines, saying that he does not want to neglect his wife Lisa and daughter Kiki as his own father did him, but Tripp persuades him by offering him $10 million a year and the chance to "do it his way" without dishonesty.

Nick's new job immediately proves frustrating when Jeremy calls in the middle of the night, having won a yacht in a poker game. He later meets with Karen, with whom he has romantic history, and her fourth husband-to-be Freddy as they sign the prenuptial agreements, and is then summoned to a prestigious private school, where Brian is attempting to demand entrance for a young boy: his secret illegitimate son. Elsewhere, Juliet is enraged to learn that her leading role in a Broadway play was "bought" by her father rather than earned, though her mother sternly orders her not to quit the production. Jeremy is arrested in connection with the yacht and Nick is forced to bail him out right before Tripp and Tish's anniversary dinner, to which they arrive late. At the party, Tish grows emotional while sharing stories about Dutch and Patrick hints to Dan Rather that he may run for Senate, though he is distracted by the arrival of his secret mistress Carmelita, a glamorous transwoman. Nick finds Karen in tears, and she admits that she doubts Freddy's true interest in her, saying that Nick himself is the only man not to be interested solely in her wealth. Lisa spots them together, however, and leaves the party in anger.

Brian confronts Nick about the private school and Nick loudly tells him that he must publicly acknowledge the boy as his son, but their fight is interrupted by news that Juliet has overdosed, though non-fatally. Fed up with the family's antics, Nick quits as their lawyer, and when Patrick attempts to persuade him to end things with Carmelita for him, Nick shames him into doing the deed himself. Nick then attempts to explain himself to Lisa, but Karen calls again and reveals that an airplane mechanic named Norman Exley received a mysterious large payment shortly before Dutch's crash, suggesting foul play. She also mentions that Dutch and Tish had had a long-term affair, which stuns Nick. Later, Nick learns that there was no body in the plane, though Dutch's personal effects were recovered from the wreck, and Tripp finds him and convinces him to return to work for them. Brian's son's mother leaves the boy with him so that he can be "royalty," and Patrick finds himself unable to break up with Carmelita. Karen resolves to stay with Freddy despite her uncertainty, and Nick commits himself to learning the truth about his father's possible murder. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: 2007
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:38:48
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:91489
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 2007-2009


  • Greg Berlanti … Executive Producer
  • Matthew Gross … Executive Producer
  • Bryan Singer … Executive Producer
  • Peter Horton … Executive Producer, Director
  • Craig Wright … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
  • Jane Raab … Producer
  • Shana Fischer Huber … Co-Producer
  • Melissa Berman … Co-Producer
  • Andrew A. Ackerman … Consulting Producer
  • Peter Nashel … Music by
  • Peter Krause … Cast, Nick George
  • Donald Sutherland … Cast, Patrick 'Tripp' Darling III
  • William Baldwin … Cast, Patrick Darling IV
  • Natalie Zea … Cast, Karen Darling
  • Glenn Fitzgerald … Cast, Rev. Brian Darling
  • Samaire Armstrong … Cast, Juliet Darling
  • Seth Gabel … Cast, Jeremy Darling
  • Zoe McLellan … Cast, Lisa George
  • Jill Clayburgh … Cast, Letitia 'Tish' Darling
  • Peter Bogdanovich … Cast, Himself
  • Bellamy Young … Cast, Lisa George
  • Elle Fanning … Cast, Kiki George
  • Brooke Smith … Cast, Andrea Smithson
  • Laura Margolis … Cast, Daisy
  • Daniel Cosgrove … Cast, Freddy Mason
  • Kiersten Warren … Cast, Ellen Darling
  • Trevor St. John … Cast, Devlin George
  • Candis Cayne … Cast, Carmelita
  • Selenis Leyva … Cast, Det. Angelina Adams
  • Joseph Adams … Cast, Chancellor
  • John Ellison Conlee … Cast, Duncan McAndrews
  • Roxana Brusso … Cast, Maria
  • Dan Rather … Cast, Himself
  • Will Shadley … Cast, Brian Jr.
  • Rae Ritke … Cast, Clare George
  • Chandler Frantz … Cast, Young Nick
  • Alexa Gerasimovich … Cast, Young Karen
  • Tommy Nelson … Cast, Young Brian
  • Tim House … Cast, Officer Pantangeli
  • Joe Forbrich … Cast, Cop
  • Dennis J. McGeady … Cast, Doctor
  • Greg McFadden … Cast, Reporter #1
  • Jennifer Lim … Cast, Reporter #2
  • Cathleen Trigg … Cast, Reporter #3
  • Kimberly Dilts … Cast, Reporter #4
  • Bob Wiltfong … Cast, Reporter #5
  • Peter R. Thewes … Cast, Reporter #6