One in this television news series based on the film newsreel series of the same name.

The history and population of the small town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin is detailed. Claude Eames, editor of the local newspaper, the Elkhorn Independent, is interviewed about the town’s culture and he is accompanied as the town puts up its various Christmas decorations in anticipation of the holiday season. Eames interviews George Belton, Justice of the Peace of Elkhorn and oldest living resident of the community, who is celebrating his 30th year in his position. Footage of the local high school’s glee club rehearsing Christmas songs is shown, and commentary is made about the children of Elkhorn and their activities. Eames interviews the county clerk about the growing infrastructure and economy of Elkhorn, brought about in part by a lower tax rate for homeowners across the county. An overview is presented of the industrial efforts around Elkhorn, particularly its manufacture of band instruments; details are given about the process of manufacturing and testing such instruments. Elkhorn’s medical services are also touched upon.

Farmers in and around Elkhorn cultivate dairy products, and Eames interviews several local dairy farmers. The Lauderdale farm is visited and its environs expounded upon. Many Elkhorn residents are keen on horse-racing, and enjoy discussing it with each other. Young Elkhorn residents are often involved in basketball, where they are among the leading teams in the county; footage from one of the games is shown. Footage from a meeting of the Elkhorn Common Council, a governing body used to administrate local ordinances, is also shown. There is also an examination of a local Air Force radar station monitoring potential incoming enemy aircraft activity; many young men of Elkhorn are called upon for military service. Footage is shown of a dinner at the home of the Paddock family as their son returns from military service for home leave. Christmas finally arrives and the holiday edition of the Independent is assembled. Footage of the residents’ reactions to the town’s Christmas decorations and sales are shown, as well as of Christmas services at the local church. Commercials deleted.

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  • DATE: 1952
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:26:33
  • COLOR/B&W: B&W
  • CATALOG ID: 106237
  • GENRE: N/A
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 1951-1953


  • Dave Roley (audio id only) … Interviewer
  • Claude Eames … Interviewee
  • George Belton … Interviewee
  • Leo Dunlap … Interviewee
  • E.D. Sorenson … Interviewee
  • George Lauderdale … Interviewee
  • Charles Wilson … Interviewee
  • Dan Lawrence … Interviewee
  • Dan Loch (audio id only) … Interviewee
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