One in this drama/political thriller about the Pope & Associates crisis management firm in Washington D.C.

Leo helps Vice-President Langston prepare for her presidential debates with President Grant and Reston, and to that end he calls in Reverend Dale, her spiritual advisor. He hopes Reverend Dale can influence Langston, who is in a mock debate and filled with vitriol towards President Grant and his administration, using highly charged language and passion which Leo feels might undermine her campaign. Meanwhile, President Grant is practicing in his own mock debate, using Mellie as a stand-in for Vice-President Langston. Olivia and her team confer with David about the apparent cover-up of Daniel’s murder by Cyrus, perplexing them. David asks for her help in legitimately solving the case and bringing Langston to justice. Olivia goes to see Cyrus in his office and tells him that she knows about Daniel’s death. Cyrus insists that he has the situation under control. Olivia suddenly bursts into a combination of tears and laughter upon realizing that all three presidential candidates are murderers, and Cyrus can’t help but laugh himself. She believes that Cyrus has irreparably soiled President Grant’s reputation with his scheme to set James up with Daniel, but Cyrus counters that President Grant’s renewed vigor and political skill are worth the secret maneuvering that he did. Cyrus asks Olivia to keep the incident secret, but Olivia cannot bring herself to help him and leaves.

Jake assigns Quinn to work the reception desk at the front company for B613 in order to sell paper, much to her displeasure. Rowan confers with Leo, believing that Langston’s victory is the only way to restore order to the White House and solidify his influence there. Abby brings Olivia a file on Daniel’s murder and Olivia locks it away, claiming that they are not getting involved and not helping David. Olivia visits Jake at his apartment that night, much to his surprise. She does not wish to discuss the situation between the two of them and simply wants to spend time with her “fake boyfriend.” He indulges her wish and talks about his fake job as a paper salesman, but then talks about the terror and responsibility he feels at being Command. He asks her to run away with him and “save” him, and Olivia asks him to have sex with her, and he complies. Reverend Dale leaves Vice-President Langston, who tells Leo that she confessed her murder to him, and says she feels compelled to reveal it to the public in order to make peace with God; she claims that God no longer speaks to her and that she must do this in order to correct that. Leo believes that this is a bad idea but is unable to change her mind.

Leo goes to Cyrus and asks that the date of the debate be moved up or cancelled, threatening that Cyrus could go to prison if the debate occurs. Cyrus calls Charlie about a job, but he is unable to take it due to B613’s new policy forbidding freelance work. David tries to puzzle out why Olivia is not working with him, and Abby says that she believes his life could be in danger if he goes forward with his investigation. James confronts Cyrus in his office late at night, but Cyrus sends him away after uttering a cryptic statement. He meets with Jake near the Washington Monument, claiming that he needs Jake to kill Vice-President Langston. James, concerned that something terrible is about to happen to Cyrus, seeks out David’s help. He hopes that they can combine forces to get the government to exhume Daniel’s body, thus giving them the evidence they need to prove that Vice-President Langston killed him. Jake refuses Cyrus’s request, as he feels it is inimical to B613’s mission. Cyrus argues that the revelation that the presidential candidates are murderers would deal an irrevocable blow to the American people and create chaos, thus making it imperative that B613 intervene. Jake still refuses, calling Cyrus “small.”

Quinn confronts Jake about her desk job, believing that his ulterior motive is to get in Olivia’s good graces, an attempt which she feels is ultimately doomed. Cyrus tells Olivia that they have to cancel the debate because Vice-President Langston intends to confess her murder on live television. He admits that he has made a series of poor decisions and that he needs her help. She visits Langston and tries to convince her not to confess, but Langston still cannot be swayed. Olivia then calls President Grant and tells him about Daniel being murdered and the cover-up instigated by Cyrus and Mellie; she asks him to voluntarily lose the debate. Jake visits Olivia that night and asks her to allow him to help her with the Langston incident, but she refuses. He realizes that she is more interested in saving President Grant and he leaves. The next day Quinn apologizes to Jake for talking back to him and agrees to obey orders. He considers her desk obligation fulfilled and gives her an actual assignment. The day of the presidential debate arrives and Leo is still unable to dissuade Langston from her goal. Olivia still tries to convince President Grant to throw the debate as a “sign” to Langston that God is on her side, although President Grant is not amenable to this idea.

The debate begins and Olivia and Cyrus are nervous about what might occur. Quinn breaks in to Olivia’s office and recovers the file on Daniel’s murder from her safe. She scans the entire thing into a flash drive and brings it to Jake, telling him that it includes a recording of her phone conversation with Cyrus. It turns out that Jake had arranged for Agent Larsen to be positioned at the debate venue and he prepares to assassinate Vice-President Langston with a sniper rifle should she go off-script. During the debate, Vice-President Langston repeatedly hesitates and seems nervous, preparing to make her confession. However, President Grant interrupts to taunt her, accusing her of trying to avoid answering questions. He then distracts the proceedings by claiming that he is “proud of [his] personal failings,” inciting derision from Governor Reston. Vice-President Langston takes this as an opportunity to criticize the Grant administration, forgoing her initial plans to confess. The next day, Cyrus discovers a listening device hidden in his office. Olivia visits President Grant and they get into an argument about the political tactics they have been forced to use. Olivia says that there is no more hope for a normal life for either of them. They share a passionate embrace.

Cyrus confronts James about the listening device, apologizing for manipulating him and forgiving James for lying to him. Cyrus says that James does not deserve to be punished for his mistakes and says he is free to do what he chooses. James meets with David and tells him that he can no longer support him. They discover that each of them believes that the other called the meeting, and suddenly the two women meeting with them are shot in the head and killed. The shooter turns out to be Jake, who then shoots at both David and James. Includes commercials.


  • DATE: March 13, 2014 10:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:59:56
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 115709
  • GENRE: Drama, mystery/suspense
  • SUBJECT HEADING: African-American Collection - Drama
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 2012-2018
  • COMMERCIALS: TV – Commercials – JCPenney department stores^TV – Commercials – 5 chewing gum^TV – Commercials – Tylenol pain relief^TV – Commercials – Kindle e-readers^TV – Commercials – Nivea moisturizer^TV – Commercials – McDonald’s restaurants^TV – Commercials – Lowe’s home improvement stores^TV – Commercials – “Muppets Most Wanted” motion picture^TV – Commercials – Quicken Loans financial services^TV – Commercials – Verizon phone service^TV – Commercials – Toyota automobiles^TV – Commercials – Trifexis dog parasite infection treatment^TV – Commercials – Johnson’s baby lotion^TV – Commercials – Tropicana orange juice^TV – Commercials – Marshalls department stores^TV – Commercials – TJ Maxx department stores^TV – Commercials – Samsung smartphones^TV – Commercials – Olay skin cream^TV – Commercials – Olive Garden restaurants^TV – Commercials – Mazda automobiles^TV – Commercials – Target department stores^TV – Commercials – Kohl’s department stores^TV – Commercials – Zyrtec antihistamine^TV – Commercials – “The Single Mom’s Club” motion picture^TV – Commercials – “Frozen” home video release^TV – Commercials – Campbell’s sauces^TV – Commercials – Subaru automobiles^TV – Commercials – Starburst candy^TV – Commercials – Neutrogena cosmetics^TV – Promos – “Once Upon a Time”^TV – Promos – “Dancing with the Stars”^TV – Promos – “Jimmy Kimmel Live”^TV – Promos – “Resurrection”^TV – Promos – “Revenge”^TV – Promos – “Shark Tank”^TV – Promos – “The Goldbergs”^TV – Promos – “Castle”^TV – Promos – “Black Box”^TV – Promos – “Scandal”


  • Mark Wilding … Executive Producer
  • Betsy Beers … Executive Producer
  • Shonda Rhimes … Executive Producer, Created by
  • Peter Nowalk … Co-Executive Producer
  • Tom Verica … Co-Executive Producer
  • Mark Fish … Co-Executive Producer
  • Judy Smith … Co-Executive Producer
  • Heather Mitchell … Supervising Producer
  • Scott Collins … Producer
  • Merri D. Howard … Producer
  • Noah Esvlin … Co-Producer
  • Holden Chang … Associate Producer
  • Peter Noah … Consulting Producer
  • Jenna Bans … Consulting Producer
  • Randy Zisk … Director
  • Matt Byrne … Writer
  • Chad Fischer … Music by
  • Kerry Washington … Cast, Olivia Pope
  • Columbus Short … Cast, Harrison Wright
  • Scott Foley … Cast, Jake Ballard
  • Darby Stanchfield … Cast, Abby Whelan
  • Katie Lowes … Cast, Quinn Perkins
  • Guillermo Diaz … Cast, Huck
  • Jeff Perry … Cast, Cyrus Beene
  • Joshua Malina … Cast, David Rosen
  • Bellamy Young … Cast, Mellie Grant
  • Tony Goldwyn … Cast, President Fitzgerald Grant III
  • Jon Tenney … Cast, Governor Andrew Nichols
  • Kate Burton … Cast, Vice-President Sally Langston
  • Dan Bucatinsky … Cast, James Novak
  • George Newbern … Cast, Charlie
  • Tom Amandes … Cast, Governor Samuel Reston
  • Brian Letscher … Cast, Tom Larsen
  • Lauren Stamile … Cast, Carla
  • Brent Briscoe … Cast, Reverend Dale
  • Paul Adelstein … Cast, Leo Bergen
  • Joe Morton … Cast, Rowan Pope
  • Jennifer Peo … Cast, Vanessa Chandler
  • Julia Cho … Cast, Shelby Moss
  • Greta Jung … Cast, Producer