The first of this two-part miniseries serving as a conclusion to “Dynasty,” a night-time serial about the wealthy Carrington family of Denver, Colorado.

Blake is in his second year of a jail sentence in Colorado State Prison although Jeff says that he can secure a full pardon for him. He survived being shot but was wrongly convicted for the gunman’s death. Blake does not wish to leave prison, as he believes that the Consortium, a massive secret criminal organization, wants him dead and would resume their attempts to kill him if he leaves. Many dismiss Blake’s assertions as unfounded paranoia. Krystle awakens from her coma after being treated at a medical facility in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is anxious to return home to see Blake and Krystina, but her physician, the neurosurgeon Dr. Jobinet, believes that she must complete her recovery before she does so. Meanwhile, Alexis calls Adam, vice president of Denver-Carrington, wishing to meet with him about a private matter. In the middle of the night, Krystle is warned by Ms. Liu, one of her nurses, that she is in danger and must leave immediately. She reveals that Dr. Jobinet has been lying to the Carrington family, claiming that Krystle is still in a coma, and that he is keeping her there for some nefarious purpose.

Jeff manages to get Blake released from prison, and they discuss Jeff’s impending divorce with Fallon. Blake still believes the Consortium is seeking him out and notes that a car has followed him and Jeff from the prison. The other car attempts to ram Jeff and Blake off the road and over a cliff, but they manage to evade their pursuer. This convinces Jeff that Blake’s concerns about the Consortium are true. Blake asks Jeff to go to California and comfort the rest of the family while Blake goes into hiding. He also asks him to travel to Switzerland to check up on Krystle. Meanwhile, Krystle returns to the United States and enters Blake’s old mansion, where the house’s contents are being auctioned off. She learns about Alexis and Dex’s plunge off of a balcony; Alexis landed on top of Dex and survived, but it is implied that he died from his injuries. She also learns that Blake was just released from prison and Alexis is present at the auction. She goes after Alexis and reveals herself, much to Alexis’s shock. She explains that the house is being put up for sale, and tells her about Blake’s unknown whereabouts and that Krystina is in California with Fallon. She also mentions that Sammy Jo has returned to New York to take up her modeling career again after going broke, and she gives Krystle Fallon’s address.

Alexis confronts Adam about his recent trips to Switzerland, believing that he is consulting with unknown investors there. Adam admits that he has been meeting with Jeremy Van Dorn, a “media wizard” with strong international media relation ties. Adam believes that Van Dorn is the key to expanding their company’s success, and Alexis reluctantly agrees to meet with him. Blake goes to stay with Steven in Washington D.C.; they rarely see each other and are not on good terms. He arrives and meets with Steven and Bart; Steven has recently become an environmental lobbyist. There is lingering tension between Blake and Steven about Steven’s homosexuality, but Bart tries to placate both of them. Blake tells Steven his theories about the Consortium and their use of corporate moles as a means of buying up companies to create megacorporations. He asks Steven to help him use his influence as a lobbyist to get him in touch with legislators or the media to aid him in his struggle against the Consortium. Steven realizes that Blake is being hunted down by the Consortium, and the subject quickly turns to Steven’s lifestyle. Blake simply wants to know if Steven is happy with Bart and if they love each other, and Steven’s response seems to satisfy him.

Jeff visits Fallon and Krystina at their beachside house in Malibu, and is upset to see Miles there as well. Fallon insists that Miles should be given a second chance. Jeff tells Krystina that Blake is busy, but that he loves her and will return to her in due time. He signs papers finalizing his divorce with Fallon and leaves to fly to Switzerland. Alexis meets with Van Dorn in New York, and they discuss the particulars of their business deal, first at a meeting and then over dinner at a restaurant. He notes that his superiors wish to subject Alexis to a “test” by assigning her to help Arlen Marshall, a major fashion businessman with financial difficulties. She is intrigued by this development and agrees to Van Dorn’s proposal. Krystle visits Fallon and Krystina, who is overjoyed to see her. Sammy Jo drops Danny off with Steven, much to his surprise and delight. He leaves to see Sammy Jo, who is doing a photo shoot for Arlen Marshall. She is frustrated with Arlen’s management and argues with him. Steven visits her during the shoot and argues with her about dropping off Danny unexpectedly. Steven threatens not to allow Sammy Jo to take Danny back and she warns him not to try. She is indignant when Steven belittles her line of work, noting that she is attempting to pay for Danny’s education on her own. To spite Steven she passionately embraces Arlen and they leave to have sex.

Jeff goes to Lausanne and speaks with the medical staff there about Krystle, who simply says she is “gone.” He is frustrated that they did not inform the family of her recovery, and Dr. Jobinet claims that Krystle checked herself out and that he needs to recover Krystle to complete her treatment. Secretly, Jeff speaks with Ms. Liu, who tells him about the actual circumstances surrounding Krystle’s departure. She does not explain why it was urgent that she leave, however, and says she will leave a message for him at his hotel to explain everything. Unbeknownst to either of them, Dr. Jobinet is attempting to locate Blake. In Washington D.C., Blake learns about Krystle’s departure, but cannot call for more information, as Bart warns that the line may be tapped. Jeff meets with Ms. Liu, but she is run over by a car before she can tell him anything. Jeff is then knocked unconscious by an unseen assailant with chloroform.

Alexis flies to Switzerland to meet with Arlen, shirking Van Dorn’s attempts to control the situation. As Arlen prepares to leave he is confronted by his wife Carol over his relationship with Sammy Jo. She criticizes his behavior and he retaliates by insulting her appearance, claiming that she looks “anorexic.” In Aubonne, Switzerland, Jeff is tortured and video-taped by the Consortium, which is being controlled by Van Dorn. Jeff proves to be unresponsive to their interrogation techniques, and so Van Dorn decides to invite him to dinner to get him to open up about Blake’s location. Miles plans to buy a plot of undeveloped land near the Swiss Alps in order to construct a “getaway” home for himself and Fallon. However, Fallon is concerned that she has not heard back from Jeff, and she suspects that there is some plot afoot. Miles tries to get her to forget about Jeff, but when Fallon’s concern is not abated he offers to find him and bring him back to put her mind at ease. Van Dorn sits down to dinner with Jeff, who still does not answer his questions. Van Dorn does not tell him the truth about Krystle, and says that he has no intention of releasing him; he also implies that he and his Consortium have nearly located Blake.

Arlen and Alexis both arrive in Switzerland to meet. She offers to infuse his company with money to help him deal with his financial difficulties in exchange for a measure of control and permission to oversee expansion efforts. When Arlen tries to hold out, she offers to bring in a pair of famous designers to his company and admits that Van Dorn is the one who recruited her. Sammy Jo arrives just as Alexis leaves, making plans to meet with Arlen the next day. Blake travels to Malibu and reunites with Krystle and Krystina, and the three of them are ecstatic at the reunion. Krystle has difficulty recalling what exactly happened in Lausanne, and Blake wonders if it has anything to do with the people hunting him down. He warns her that she and Krystina are going to have to go “undercover” with him for a time until they are safe again. Sammy Jo tries to warn Arlen about Alexis, although he is confident that he can deal with her. She persuades Arlen not to meet with Alexis, and to instead go to bed with her. Alexis calls them in the middle of their lovemaking, and Arlen tries to take the call, admitting that he needs Alexis’s help to save his company, but Sammy Jo gets him to blow Alexis off. Alexis, infuriated, decides to leave Switzerland.

Adam arrives in Geneva and runs into Kirby at his hotel. He invites her to dinner but Kirby wants nothing to do with him, still bitter about Alexis “exiling” her from the household and blackmailing her into leaving Adam. Adam claims he knew nothing about any of it and convinces her to join him for dinner the next night. Steven and Alexis meet in New York and she tells him about Sammy Jo’s recent activities, believing that she is an unfit mother for Danny. She advises that he take Danny away from Sammy Jo, but Steven refuses to drag him into his fight with her, believing that Danny’s welfare and happiness are all that matter. She then goes back to Van Dorn and berates him for giving her a “bum steer” with Arlen. Van Dorn is upset with her and Alexis believes that Van Dorn is concealing something important from her. He remains coy and reveals that Arlen’s company is on the verge of foreclosure, making it the perfect time to buy it out. Alexis is interested in going forward with Van Dorn’s plan, especially since it will give her the opportunity to get revenge on Sammy Jo.

Blake, Krystle, and Steven decide to hide out in a house in Jepson, Virginia. Steven and Bart help Blake formulate a case to take to the attorney general, hoping to expose the Consortium’s activities. In Aubonne, Adam demands to meet with Van Dorn, but he is not present. He is outraged that he has cooperated with their activities for three years and has not gotten recognition from Van Dorn, simply referred to as “the CEO.” He is told that Jeff is with them and is asked to get him to cooperate with their interrogations. Adam does not believe that the Consortium tortured Jeff, but Jeff warns him that they intend to kill Blake. While embracing Blake, Krystle has a flashback to the “memory tests” that Dr. Jobinet doctor administered in Switzerland and suddenly says that she has to go run errands. She leaves, seemingly insensate to Steven’s presence. Steven tells Blake that the meeting with the attorney general has been set.

Adam and Kirby go to Paris to have dinner, and Kirby remarks that her new job as a French translator affords her the opportunity to travel frequently and enjoy herself. He discovers that the company she works for is owned by the Consortium, and says she should consider getting another job. He is concerned for her but does not tell her why despite her insistence. Krystle places a call at a telephone booth, using a number implanted in her mind via hypnosis. She makes the call and reveals her location to the party on the other end of the call, agreeing to meet at a predetermined point. Miles asks Dr. Jobinet about Jeff, but he claims not to recognize the name. Miles is convinced that he is lying and the doctor asks him to leave. He visits the local police, who claim that Dr. Jobinet and his institution have a good reputation, and that nothing has happened to Jeff in Lausanne.

Krystle goes to a park bench and is given a package with a handgun inside by a stranger who knows her name. Van Dorn learns about Blake’s appointment with the attorney general and is disappointed that his spies in the government were unable to prevent it. Dr. Jobinet is on hand to explain that because Krystle’s hypnotic suggestion was triggered, she will now attempt to murder Blake the next time they have sex. Meanwhile, Krystle and Blake sit down for a romantic evening together, and she hears Dr. Jobinet’s voice inside her head, urging her to kill Blake. Includes commercials.

Also includes an “ABC News Brief” with Barry Serafin.

(This program contains audiovisual imperfections. It is the best quality available at this time.)


  • DATE: October 20, 1991 Sunday 9:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:55:39
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:23434
  • GENRE: Drama, night-time serial
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Drama, night-time serial
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV, 1991
  • COMMERCIALS: TV – Commercials – Choice hotels^TV – Commercials – Dimetapp children’s medicine^TV – Commercials – “The Butcher’s Wife” motion picture^TV – Commercials – Diet Dr Pepper soft drink^TV – Commercials – Ford automobiles^TV – Commercials – Honey Bunches of Oats breakfast cereal^TV – Commercials – Tylenol medicine^TV – Commercials – Honda automobiles^TV – Commercials – Lipton soup mix^TV – Commercials – Shield deodorant soap^TV – Commercials – Coca-Cola soft drinks^TV – Commercials – Nexxus hair products^TV – Commercials – Discover credit cards^TV – Commercials – Woolite cleaning products^TV – Commercials – Stainmaster carpets^TV – Commercials – Dole fruit juice^TV – Commercials – Clairol hair coloring^TV – Commercials – Oral-B toothbrushes^TV – Commercials – Spray ‘n Wash stain remover^TV – Commercials – Clorox bleach^TV – Commercials – Gynelotrimin yeast infection medicine^TV – Commercials – Aspen cologne^TV – Commercials – Walt Disney World theme park^TV – Commercials – Robitussin lozenges^TV – Commercials – AT&T phone service^TV – Commercials – Curel skin lotion^TV – Commercials – Monistat 7 yeast infection medicine^TV – Commercials – Diet Pepsi soft drink^TV – Commercials – Breath Savers breath mints^TV – Promos – “NFL Monday Night Football”^TV – Promos – “MacGyver”^TV – Promos – “Full House”^TV – Promos – “Home Improvement”^TV – Promos – “Good Morning America”^TV – Promos – “Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star”^TV – Promos – “A Stranger in the Family”^TV – Promos – “Nightline”^TV – Promos – “False Arrest”^TV – Promos – “One Life to Live”^TV – Promos – “Primetime”^TV – Promos – “Dynasty: the Reunion”


  • Aaron Spelling … Executive Producer
  • Douglas S. Cramer … Executive Producer
  • Richard Shapiro … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
  • Esther Shapiro … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
  • E. Duke Vincent … Executive Supervising Producer
  • Elaine Rich … Producer
  • Cheryl R. Stein … Associate Producer
  • Irving J. Moore … Director
  • Edward DeBlasio … Writer
  • Robert Pollock … Writer
  • Eileen Pollock … Writer
  • Peter Myers … Music by
  • Bill Conti … Theme Music by
  • John Forsythe … Cast, Blake Carrington
  • Linda Evans … Cast, Krystle Carrington
  • John James … Cast, Jeff Colby
  • Heather Locklear … Cast, Sammy Jo Carrington
  • Emma Samms … Cast, Fallon Carrington Colby
  • Kathleen Beller … Cast, Kirby Anders Colby
  • Al Corley … Cast, Steven Carrington
  • Maxwell Caulfield … Cast, Miles Colby
  • Michael Brandon … Cast, Arlen Marshall
  • Robin Sachs … Cast, Adam Carrington
  • Jeroen Krabbe … Cast, Jeremy Van Dorn
  • Joan Collins … Cast, Alexis
  • Cameron Watson … Cast, Bart Fullmont
  • Alphonsia Emmanuel … Cast, Mrs. Lipton
  • Wendie Malick … Cast, Carol Marshall
  • Tony Jay … Cast, Dr. Jobinet
  • Brandon Bluhm … Cast, Little Blake
  • Orlando Bonner … Cast, Guard
  • Justin Burnette … Cast, Danny
  • Natalie Core … Cast, Woman at Auction
  • Evelyn Guerrero … Cast, Maid
  • Emily Kuroda … Cast, Nurse Liu
  • Michael A. Nickles … Cast, Photographer
  • Jeff O'Haco … Cast, Interviewer
  • Jessica Player … Cast, Krystina
  • Ray Reinhardt … Cast, Captain Chabrier
  • Richard Roat … Cast, Man at Auction
  • Eric Sinclair … Cast, Capt. at Swiss Resort
  • Brittany Alyse Smith … Cast, Lauren
  • Keone Young … Cast, Mr. Woo
  • For "ABC News Brief"
  • Barry Serafin … Anchor