One in this series of dramas about Paul Bryan, a man with an incurable disease determined to fill his remaining days with travel and adventure. In this somber episode about capital punishment, Bryan returns to the Bay area in order to represent a man on death row whom he prosecuted for murder six years earlier. As the program opens, Bryan visits convicted murderer Lou Patterson, and they agree that Bryan will take his case as time runs short on Patterson's scheduled execution. Bryan first sees a Dr. Graham, the psychiatrist of John Ponds, whose testimony helped put Patterson away during the trail. Bryan, convinced that Ponds's recent breakdown came from guilt about his role in the murder, appeals to the doctor to help him in the case. Next, Bryan visits Judge Andrews, who sends an appeal to the governor to stay Patterson's execution. Although the stay is approved, Bryan does not have much time. Dr. Graham, caught in an ethical dilemma, eventually reveals that Ponds called out the name "Fletcher" in a therapy session. With this clue, Bryan finds Rick Fletcher, a name Patterson remembered from the trial. Although he cannot make Fletcher confess, he does prick his conscience. As the program draws near its conclusion, Bryan waits with the judge to hear whether Patterson was granted another stay of execution, and Patterson waits desperately as the minister prays with him and preparations are carried out for the execution. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: January 31, 1968 Wednesday 10:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:48:15
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:28306
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Capital punishment - Drama; Drama
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1965-1968


  • Jo Swerling … Supervising Producer
  • Robert Foster … Producer, Writer
  • Philip De Guere Jr. … Producer, Writer
  • Steve Heilpern … Associate Producer
  • Ben Gazzara … Director
  • Ed De Blasio … Writer
  • Pete Rugolo … Music by
  • Ben Gazzara … Cast, Paul Bryan
  • Robert Duvall … Cast, Rick Fletcher
  • Tom Skerritt … Cast, Lou Patterson
  • Will Geer … Cast, Judge Andrews
  • Dana Elcar … Cast, Dr. George Graham
  • Walter Brooke … Cast, Ralph Phillips
  • Frank Maxwell … Cast, The 1st Detective
  • Bart Burns … Cast, Spencer Gallagher
  • Merri Ashley … Cast, Karen Johnson
  • Michael Stefani … Cast, Minister
  • Carol O'Leary … Cast, Mrs. Fletcher
  • Stuart Nisbet … Cast, 1st Guard
  • William Boyett … Cast, 2nd Detective
  • John J. Fox … Cast, Herman Williams
  • Jimmy Jarratt … Cast, Son
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