One in this medical drama series set in St. Eligius hospital in Boston. In this episode, Wayne chats with Wendy over lunch and asks if she has heard from Cathy Martin. Joanne Jesmer arrives and invites them all to the Women's Auxiliary charity dinner event that night, at which the Doctor of the Year award will be given, but Fiscus declines, saying that he is on call. She invites Ehrlich as well, and Roberta is embarrassed when even Jesmer knows about their marital problems. She declares her intentions to quit candy-striping and become a doctor, and Ehrlich is horrified at the thought. Chandler comes by White's home to drive him to work, and Halloran invites Caldwell to the dinner as well, but he refuses, feeling tired and overworked, and they argue. Morrison treats a construction worker, Joseph Keuhnelian, who has been having blackouts, and performs a number of tests, worried because Joseph is the sole provider for his family. Ehrlich treats an attractive barmaid, Mara, and is flustered when she puts the moves on him. Westphall, Craig and Auschlander discuss the Doctor of the Year award, wondering who will win, and Chandler invites Amanda to be his date for the dinner. Dr. Meldrin is snappish and rude with Joseph, explaining that his unhealthy lifestyle has caused a narrowing of the arteries to his brain and telling him that he can no longer do construction work. Morrison is upset at his behavior, telling him to be more comforting, but Meldrin is dismissive of his "idealistic" ways.

Halloran tells Caldwell about her idea for a rape treatment center, inspired by the recent attacks, and Auschlander notes that the couple is arguing. Nurse Daniels finds White alone in an OR and asks about Martin, not noticing his strange behavior towards her. Caldwell and Ehrlich commiserate about their woman problems, with Ehrlich concluding that he wants a divorce just as Caldwell realizes that he wants to marry Halloran. Mara checks out of the hospital and tells Roberta about her interest in Ehrlich, unaware that they are newlyweds. Joseph's mother thanks Morrison for his help and invites him to dinner, and he agrees, deciding to forgo the auxiliary event. Craig prepares for the evening with his wife's help and reviews his speech for the Doctor of the Year award, which he badly wants to win. Ehrlich returns home to find Roberta moving out, angry over his supposed indiscretion with Mara, and he is rather relieved when she tells him that they made "a big mistake" and leaves. As Armstrong dresses for the evening event, White enters the locker room and attacks her, attempting to rape her as he has Martin and everal others, but Fiscus intervenes.

At the dinner, Jesmer notes that several important guests are missing, including Caldwell, having claimed to have the flu. Westphall receives an emergency call and heads back to the hospital, and Morrison dines with the Keuhnelian family, finally explaining that Joseph's illness means that he cannot work anymore. Mrs. Keuhnelian panics, wondering how the family will survive and saying that they cannot accept the shame of welfare. After a lengthy introduction, Jesmer finally announces the Doctor of the Year: Westphall, for the second year in a row. Craig is highly upset, but when he is forced to accept the award on his absent friend's behalf, he realizes how deserving the man truly is. Back at the hospital, Westphall finds Fiscus tending to a badly injured Armstrong. Morrison finds a distraught Joseph in the middle of another blackout attack, and is then shocked to see White being arrested. Caldwell attempts to talk seriously to Halloran, but Jesmer and the other guests eavesdrop and he cannot ask her his important question. Later, Westphall goes to White's home to break the unpleasant news. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: February 22, 1984 10:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:00:00
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:66586
  • GENRE: Drama, medical
  • SUBJECT HEADING: African-American Collection - Drama
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1982-1988


  • Bruce Paltrow … Executive Producer
  • Abby Singer … Coordinating Producer
  • Mark Tinker … Supervising Producer, Developed by
  • John Masius … Producer, Developed by, Writer
  • Tom Fontana … Producer, Writer
  • Beth Hillshafer … Associate Producer
  • Joshua Brand … Created by
  • John Falsey … Created by
  • Eric Laneuville … Director
  • Steve Lawson … Writer
  • J.A.C. Redford … Music by
  • Dave Grusin … Theme Music by
  • Ed Flanders … Cast, Dr. Donald Westphall
  • Norman Lloyd … Cast, Dr. Daniel Auschlander
  • Ed Begley Jr. … Cast, Dr. Victor Ehrlich
  • Ellen Bry … Cast, Nurse Shirley Daniels
  • Mark Harmon … Cast, Dr. Robert Caldwell
  • Terence Knox … Cast, Dr. Peter White
  • Eric Laneuville … Cast, Luther Hawkins
  • Howie Mandel … Cast, Dr. Wayne Fiscus
  • Kim Miyori … Cast, Dr. Wendy Armstrong
  • David Morse … Cast, Dr. Jack Morrison
  • Christina Pickles … Cast, Nurse Helen Rosenthal
  • Kavi Raz … Cast, Dr. Vijay Kochar
  • Cynthia Sikes … Cast, Dr. Annie Cavanero
  • Nancy Stafford … Cast, Joan Halloran
  • Denzel Washington … Cast, Dr. Philip Chandler
  • William Daniels … Cast, Dr. Mark Craig
  • Dan Hedaya … Cast, Joseph Keuhnelian
  • Peter Evans … Cast, Dr. Meldrin
  • Jean Bruce Scott … Cast, Roberta Sloan
  • Bonnie Bartlett … Cast, Ellen Craig
  • Gretchen Wyler … Cast, Joanne Jesmer
  • Karen Landry … Cast, Myra White
  • Sagan Lewis … Cast, Dr. Jacqueline Wade
  • Rosanne Katon Walden … Cast, Amanda Taylor
  • Angela Clarke … Cast, Emma Keuhnelian
  • Sharon Barr … Cast, Mara Czerwinksi
  • Elizabeth Ruscio … Cast, Linnia
  • Helen Martin … Cast, Elderly Lady
  • Monica Page … Cast, Dietician
  • Candace Cameron … Cast, Megan White
  • Ralph M. Clift … Cast, Maurice
  • Shirley Falls … Cast, Cashier
  • Jim Collins … Cast, Orderly
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