One in this dramatic series about both sides of the Baltimore drug scene: the dealers and the law enforcement officers that go after them. This is the first episode of the series' second season, which focuses on crimes committed on Baltimore's waterfront.

McNulty -- exiled to a dreaded stint on the police harbor patrol -- finds a woman's body floating in the harbor and uses it to get back at Rawls, his former boss in homicide, by putting it in Rawl's jurisdiction. Elsewhere, Major Stanislaus Valcheck feels humiliated when his generosity to a parish church is upstaged by his union rival, dockworker representative Frank Sabotka. Frank's nephew Nick and his son Ziggy drink with a contingent of their fellow stevedores and bemoan their lack of work amongst the changing times. Ultimately, they're drowned out at the bar as The Nighthawks perform. Broadus drives to Philadelphia to make a connection for the Barksdale crew, while Bell meets with the crew's suppliers in New York. Bell is disheartened by the results. In the meantime, Ziggy and Nick work on a deal regarding a stolen cargo container with representatives of The Greek, who consistently colludes with Frank on dock-based illegalities. When the deal falters, the container is left in the open. That leads to officer Beatrice Russell's discovery of a broken lock and her exploration of the container and its foul contents: 13 women, all dead, behind a false wall.

This selection from the Alan Gerry Cable Collection has been made available by the Gerry Foundation, Inc.


  • DATE: June 1, 2003 10:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:59:35
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:78844
  • GENRE: Drama, police/private detective
  • SUBJECT HEADING: African-American Collection - Drama
  • SERIES RUN: HBO - TV series, 2002-2008


  • David Simon … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
  • Robert F. Colesberry … Executive Producer
  • Nina Kostroff Noble … Co-Executive Producer
  • Karen Thorson … Co-Producer
  • Ed Bianchi … Director
  • Rafael Alvarez … Writer
  • Ed Burns … Writer
  • Joy Lusco Kecken … Writer
  • Dominic West … Cast, Jimmy McNulty
  • Chris Bauer … Cast, Frank Sabotka
  • Paul Ben-Victor … Cast, Spiros "Vondas" Vondopoulos
  • John Doman … Cast, William Rawls
  • Idris Elba … Cast, Russell "Stringer" Bell
  • Wood Harris … Cast, Avon Barksdale
  • Deirdre Lovejoy … Cast, Rhonda "Ronnie" Pearlman
  • Clarke Peters … Cast, Lester Freamon
  • Wendell Pierce … Cast, William "Bunk" Moreland
  • Lance Reddick … Cast, Cedric Daniels
  • Amy Ryan … Cast, Beatrice "Beadie" Russell
  • Sonja Sohn … Cast, Shakima Greggs
  • Seth Gilliam … Cast, Ellis Carver
  • Domenick Lombardozzi … Cast, Thomas "Herc" Hauk
  • Jim True-Frost … Cast, Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski
  • James Ransone … Cast, Chester Karol "Ziggy" Sabotka
  • Pablo Schreiber … Cast, Nick Sobotka
  • Al Brown … Cast, Stanislaus Valcheck
  • Melanie Nicholls-King … Cast, Cheryl
  • J. D. Williams … Cast, Preston "Bodie" Broadus
  • Delaney Williams … Cast, Jay Landsman
  • Chris Ashworth … Cast, Sergei Malatov
  • Luray Cooper … Cast, Nat Coxson
  • Jeffrey Fugitt … Cast, Claude Diggins
  • Bill Raymond … Cast, The Greek
  • Ted Feldman … Cast, George Glekas
  • Tel Monks … Cast, Jerome Lewandowski
  • Elizabeth Noone … Cast, Joan Sobotka
  • Charley Scalies … Cast, Thomas "Horseface" Pakusa
  • Robert F. Colesberry … Cast, Ray Cole
  • Nighthawks, The … Cast, Performers
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