One in this medical drama series set in St. Eligius hospital in Boston. In this episode, it is the Easter and Passover season and Dr. Westphall is attending therapy sessions to help him deal with his family problems. Dr. Auschlander's wife suffers a heart attack and requires surgery to correct her heart problem. Meanwhile, a man claiming to be the Messiah is roaming the hospital giving sermons and attempting to heal the sick. Dr. Ehrlich is busy searching for a religion when he finds out that Dr. Craig wants him to assist at Mrs. Auschlander's surgery and come with him to meet his mentor, Dr. Domedion. When Craig goes to Domedion's house for the reunion, he is shocked at Domedion's state of physical and mental health. Later Westphall, Auschlander, and Craig find themselves sitting at a bar called "Cheers" and talking about life. While at the bar, Craig trades insults with the barmaid Carla; Auschlander confronts his former accountant Norm; and the three of them try to ignore postal worker Cliff. Back at the hospital, the "Messiah" is brought in after he is nearly crucified by some homeless people; Westphall shocks Auschlander with the news of his plans to retire from medicine; Mrs. Auschlander's surgery is successful; and Craig decides to go back to see Domedion again, no matter how painful it is to him. As Westphall is leaving the hospital, he finds the golden egg from the hospital-sponsored Easter egg hunt, which symbolizes that there will be good things to come. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: March 27, 1985 Wednesday 10:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:49:20
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:14436
  • GENRE: Drama, medical
  • SUBJECT HEADING: African-American Collection - Drama
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1982-1988


  • Bruce Paltrow … Executive Producer, Director
  • Abby Singer … Coordinating Producer
  • Mark Tinker … Supervising Producer, Developed by
  • Tom Fontana … Producer, Writer
  • John Masius … Producer, Developed by, Writer
  • Beth Hillshafer … Associate Producer
  • Joshua Brand … Created by
  • John Falsey … Created by
  • John Tinker … Writer
  • Dave Grusin … Theme Music by
  • J.A.C. Redford … Music by
  • Ed Flanders … Cast, Dr. Donald Westphall
  • Norman Lloyd … Cast, Dr. Daniel Auschlander
  • Ed Begley … Cast, Dr. Victor Ehrlich
  • Stephen Furst … Cast, Dr. Elliot Axelrod
  • Mark Harmon … Cast, Dr. Robert Caldwell
  • Eric Laneuville … Cast, Orderly Luther Hawkins
  • Howie Mandel … Cast, Dr. Wayne Armstrong
  • David Morse … Cast, Dr. Jack Morrison
  • Christina Pickles … Cast, Nurse Helen Rosenthal
  • Cynthia Sikes … Cast, Dr. Annie Cavanero
  • Denzel Washington … Cast, Dr. Phillip Chandler
  • William Daniels … Cast, Dr. Mark Craig
  • Rhea Perlman … Cast, Carla
  • John Ratzenberger … Cast, Cliff
  • George Wendt … Cast, Norm
  • Jane Wyatt … Cast, Mrs. Auschlander
  • Richard Lawson … Cast, the Messiah
  • Lou Jacobi … Cast, Rabbi Abner Singer
  • Dean Jagger … Cast, Dr. David Domedion
  • Sagan Lewis … Cast, Dr. Jacqueline Wade
  • Jennifer Savidge … Cast, Nurse Lucy Papandrao
  • Byron Stewart … Cast, Orderly Warren Coolidge
  • Laura Esterman … Cast, the Psychiatrist
  • Jaclyn Bernstein … Cast, Betty
  • Eve Roberts … Cast, Margaret Domedion
  • John Mahon … Cast, the Police Officer
  • Ian Fried … Cast, Jeff Rosenthal
  • Aaron Lohr … Cast, Boy #1
  • David Glasser … Cast, Boy #2
  • Amy Green … Cast, the Girl
  • Frank McCarthy … Cast, Father Flynn
  • Jessie Lawrence Ferguson … Cast
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