One in this medical drama series set in St. Eligius hospital in Boston. In this episode, Dr. Westphall's patient, Arthur Shaefer, is suffering through the advanced stages of terminal cancer. Arthur's brother, Walt, would rather see Arthur die with some kind of dignity than live out his remaining time full of medication to ease the pain. However, Westphall cannot legally advance Arthur's death, despite his knowledge that Arthur would be more comfortable without any more pain. Meanwhile, Dr. Ehrlich is trying to get Nurse Daniels to take him seriously and go to dinner with him. Dr. White is celebrating his birthday and he desperately tries to reconcile with his wife once again. Westphall tells Walt about the many options to keep Arthur alive and relatively pain-free but Walt begs Westphall to let his brother die. Erhlich's plans to take Daniels out to dinner backfire when he gets stuck at the hospital, so he asks Dr. Fiscus to entertain Daniels for the evening until he gets home. Nurse Rosenthal is beginning to show the stress related to her pending mastectomy, especially at home with her family. Fiscus and Daniels share an interesting dinner together and Erhlich can't believe they had such a great time. Because the doctors won't do anything about the situation, Walt decides to help his brother himself. Commercials deleted.

Cataloging of this program was made possible by Broadcast Music, Inc., in honor of Dave Grusin, 1997.


  • DATE: March 15, 1983 Tuesday 10:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:49:55
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:14457
  • GENRE: Drama, medical
  • SUBJECT HEADING: African-American Collection - Drama
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1982-1988


  • Bruce Paltrow … Executive Producer
  • Mark Tinker … Producer, Director, Developed by, Writer
  • Masius. John … Producer, Developed by
  • Joshua Brand … Producer, Created by, Writer
  • John Falsey … Producer, Created by, Writer
  • Beth Hillshafer … Associate Producer
  • John Tinker … Writer
  • J.A.C. Redford … Music by
  • Dave Grusin … Theme Music by
  • Ed Flanders … Cast, Dr. Donald Westphall
  • David Birney … Cast, Dr. Ben Samuels
  • G.W. Bailey … Cast, Dr. Hugh Beale
  • Ed Begley … Cast, Dr. Victor Ehrlich
  • Terence Knox … Cast, Dr. Peter White
  • Howie Mandel … Cast, Dr. Wayne Fiscus
  • David Morse … Cast, Dr. Jack Morrison
  • Christina Pickles … Cast, Nurse Helen Rosenthal
  • Kavi Raz … Cast, Dr. V.J. Kochar
  • Cynthia Sikes … Cast, Dr. Annie Cavanero
  • Denzel Washington … Cast, Dr. Phillip Chandler
  • William Daniels … Cast, Dr. Mark Craig
  • Norman Lloyd … Cast, Dr. Daniel Auschlander
  • Ellen Bry … Cast, Nurse Shirley Daniels
  • Pat Hingle … Cast, Walt Shaefer
  • Richard Hamilton … Cast, Arthur Shaefer
  • Alan Oppenheimer … Cast, Ira Rosenthal
  • Melody Anderson … Cast, Jill Roberts
  • Eda Reiss Merin … Cast, Mrs. Gustas
  • Katie McClain … Cast, Erin Rosenthal
  • Jill Andre … Cast, the Woman
  • Christopher Thomas … Cast, Dr. Hampton
  • Conrad Bachman … Cast, the Gentleman
  • Richard Chaves … Cast, Tim Potts
  • Ken Magee … Cast, the Repairman
  • Frank White … Cast, Dr. Brian Burkhart
  • Karen Landry … Cast, Myra White
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