One in this series about the Fisher clan, a loving -- if dysfunctional -- family struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy in the face of stressful day-to-day operations of the eccentric family business, a funeral home in Los Angeles. The episode opens as Chloe Anne Bryant Yorkin dies in a bizarre limousine accident. David worries that Nate isn't taking the funeral director's test seriously while Nate is upset at not having seen Brenda in several days during her rehabilitation of Billy. Federico secretly does freelance work for Kroehner on the battered face of Chloe as Gilardi tries to woo him away from the Fishers. Nate suspects that something is up, however, when he sees Federico steal a bottle of embalming fluid from Fisher and Sons. Claire reluctantly goes on a class camping retreat. Nate's idea to allow senior citizens to square dance in a spare room of the funeral home nets David a date with the hot, young square dance caller. Nikolai gruffly flirts with Ruth, then becomes angry when Hiram pays her a visit at the flower shop. Nate goes looking for Brenda, finding her house in disarray with a naked Australian, Connor Thompson, in residence. Gilardi offers Federico his own funeral home in San Diego as Nate alerts David to Federico's deception. Back at the retreat, Claire and Parker get in trouble and are sent home, allowing them to bond on the car ride. The Fishers try to talk Federico into staying, but he has a rather large demand. That night at Brenda's house, after too much beer and too many bong hits, Nate lashes out at Brenda, Connor, and Billy. Alone with Hiram, Ruth dreams of Nikolai in full Russian regalia. Federico ultimately comes to a decision about his future, issuing a warning to the Fisher brothers.


  • DATE: July 22, 2001 Sunday 9:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:57:00
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:69282
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SERIES RUN: HBO - TV series, 2001-2005


  • Robert Greenblatt … Executive Producer
  • David Janollari … Executive Producer
  • Alan Ball … Executive Producer, Created by
  • Alan Poul … Co-Executive Producer
  • Bruce Eric Kaplan … Supervising Producer
  • Rick Cleveland … Producer
  • Christian Taylor … Producer
  • Laurence Andries … Producer, Writer
  • Lori Jo Nemhauser … Co-Producer
  • Robert Del Valle … Co-Producer
  • Allen Coulter … Director
  • Richard Marvin … Music by
  • Thomas Newman … Theme Music by
  • Peter Krause … Cast, Nate Fisher
  • Michael C. Hall … Cast, David Fisher
  • Frances Conroy … Cast, Ruth Fisher
  • Lauren Ambrose … Cast, Claire Fisher
  • Christian Williams … Co-Executive Producer, Writer
  • Freddy Rodriguez … Cast, Federico Diaz
  • Mathew St. Patrick … Cast, Keith Charles
  • Jeremy Sisto … Cast, Billy Chenowith
  • Rachel Griffiths … Cast, Brenda Chenowith
  • Ed Begley Jr. … Cast, Hiram Gunderson
  • Ed O'Ross … Cast, Nikolai
  • Marina Black … Cast, Parker McKenna
  • Steven Pasquale … Cast, Kurt
  • Stewart Finlay-McLennan … Cast, Connor
  • Michael Cudlitz … Cast, Dennis, Crossroads Leader
  • Garrison Hershberger … Cast, Matthew Gilardi
  • Justina Machado … Cast, Vanessa Diaz
  • Giancarlo Rodriquez … Cast, Julio Diaz
  • Lisa K. Wyatt … Cast, Kroehner Mortician
  • Lori Harmon … Cast, Chloe's Friend
  • Pat Destro … Cast, Chloe's Friend
  • Jules Tearle … Cast, Square Dancer
  • Jordan Brower … Cast, Topher
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