One in this dramatic anthology series. Nick Alexander, a young writer for the New York Bulletin, comes into work on Sunday along with veteran writer Albert King. Albert collapses on the stairwell, revealing that he has diabetes and that his health is suffering; he has concealed his ill health from his co-workers and asks Nick to do the same. Mark Grainger, the editor of the Bulletin, already knows about Albert's health issues, and has been slowly redirecting Albert's assignments to Nick. Meanwhile a bus involved in a minor traffic accident is waylaid by escaped chickens from a poultry truck. On the bus, a soldier, Richie, has a chat with a young woman named Marlee Ledbetter, who explains that she is in town from North Carolina visiting her husband, a student at a local Bible academy. Richie returns to his friend, another soldier named Yutch, who seems unconcerned with the fact that Marlee is engaged. At the Bulletin, Nick meets reporter Lizzie Hogan, who seems vaguely interested in him. She finds out from Mark that Nick grew up in a bad neighborhood and has been struggling to prove himself as a writer. Richie and Yutch visit their friend Rocko, but all three of them are stood up by their dates. At the bus terminal they encounter Marlee again. Her fiancée, Eldon Grimm, seems to have missed her at the terminal. Yutch and Rocko offer to drive her to the Bible academy to wait for Eldon, although Richie senses an ulterior motive. While in the car, Yutch attempts to force himself on Marlee but Richie intervenes. During the struggle between Richie and Yutch, Marlee manages to jump out of the car and into the rain-soaked street and escape them. Richie runs off, and Yutch and Rocko let him go. Marlee is picked up by a nearby police station and soon the Bulletin receives word of the story. At the behest of his assistant, Mark assigns the story to Albert, who immediately begins writing up the story. Eldon arrives at the police station to pick up Marlee, apologizing for not being there for her. Marlee notices that he seems uncomfortable around her, as if he is ashamed of what happened to her. Albert furiously works to get the story done by the deadline, but he has an outburst at one of his co-workers and then nearly collapses from his health issues. Nick agrees to use Albert's notes to finish writing the story while Lizzie takes him home. Nick manages to finish the story on time and it's printed as a front-page article. While on the subway, Marlee and Eldon see the news article and read it. Eldon is distressed at the lurid way in which Nick described Marlee's encounter, and Marlee notes that there is no mention of Richie and his attempts to help her. Marlee is unhappy with how the story seems to have changed Eldon's perceptions of her, and she runs out of the subway car and into the street, leaving Eldon behind. She wanders about until she finds a dance hall; remembering that Richie was said to frequent the place she goes in looking for him. Rocko and Yutch read the article and decide to head to the dance hall themselves, hoping to get revenge on Richie. Meanwhile, Nick and Lizzie attend a party held by a United Nations delegate. Nick is pulled aside when Eldon arrives looking for him. He expresses his outrage at Nick's story, believing it besmirched Marlee's name and reputation. He reveals that he already spoke to Mark, who agreed to tone down the story for the later editions. The police are currently looking for Marlee, Eldon goes to join them and Nick asks to go along as well, feeling guilty about how the story has affected Eldon and Marlee. Eventually Marlee finds Richie in the dance hall and asks him to come with her so she can have him explain the truth to Eldon. He refuses at first but soon changes his mind. Mark picks up Nick and Eldon to help them search for Marlee, telling Nick that he thinks he went too far with the story. Eldon concentrates and remembers that Marlee mentioned the dance hall frequented by Richie, and so they decide to look for her there. Yutch and Rocko arrive and the dance hall and Richie attempts to sneak out with Marlee. However, they are spotted and chased out just as Nick, Eldon, and Mark arrive. Yutch and Rocko corner Richie and Marlee and prepare to attack, but are stopped by Nick and company bringing the police to arrest the assailants. Marlee introduces Eldon to Richie, and Eldon thanks him for looking out for Marlee. Later, Mark stops by Albert's house to help him recover, and Nick visits as well. He admits that Mark was right to change his story, and Albert tells him that he has the potential to become a great journalist someday. Commercials deleted. (This episode served as the backdoor pilot for the 1962-1963 television series "Saints and Sinners.")


  • DATE: May 1, 1962 9:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:50:00
  • COLOR/B&W: B&W
  • CATALOG ID: B:12428
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1961-1963


    • Dick Powell … Executive Producer
    • Everett Chambers … Producer
    • Buzz Kulik … Director
    • Adrian Spies … Writer
    • Elmer Bernstein … Music by
    • Dick Powell … Host
    • Nick Adams … Cast, Nick Alexander
    • Ann Blyth … Cast, Lizzie Hogan
    • Russell Thorson … Cast, Albert King
    • John Larkin … Cast, Mark Grainger
    • Robert F. Simon … Cast, Sol Tabak
    • Burt Brinckerhoff … Cast, Eldon Grimm
    • Carolyn Kearney … Cast, Marlee Ledbetter
    • Ben Piazza … Cast, Richie
    • Mark Rydell … Cast, Yutch
    • Alan Hopkins … Cast
    • Burt Remsen … Cast
    • Mark Slade … Cast