One in this series of comedies about life in the 1950s. In this episode, Potsie scores a high grade on a test he thought he failed, after which Fonz says that he could have aced the exam. Richie convinces high school drop-out Fonz to go back to school and become a “drop-in.” Fonz and Richie go to speak with the high school’s principal, Mr. Faraday, and eventually convince him to let Fonz return. Fonz is nervous about his first day back in school and the students are surprised to see him join Miss Pratt’s class. Once there, he immediately disrupts the class by “re-arranging” the seating chart. By that evening, Fonz has given Richie his homework to do for him. After a week, Richie has become tired of doing Fonz’s homework but the Fonz still needs help on an upcoming exam. Fonz comes by the Cunningham house that night for dinner so Richie can tutor him. However, Fonz would rather Richie help him cheat on the true/false exam through a series of signals on test day. Richie refuses to help Fonz cheat, so he is forced to resort to a series of crib sheets that he has strategically placed around the classroom, including one on the windowsill. When a pigeon destroys the answers, Fonz is forced to fend for himself. Later, Fonz reveals that he actually didn’t cheat on the test and passed anyway. Regardless, Fonz still chooses to drop out again, explaining his reasons to Richie. As Fonzie drives off the school grounds on his motorcycle, Richie notices that Fonz tucked his test score in his pocket, having found a level of satisfaction in proving his intelligence. Includes commercials.


  • DATE: February 26, 1974 8:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:28:29
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:13193
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 1974-1984
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - Jell-o gelatin^TV - Commercials - Noxzema skin care^TV - Commercials - Singer Futura II sewing machines^TV - Commercials - Purina cat chow^TV - Commercials - Chiffon margarine^


    • Thomas L. Miller … Executive Producer
    • Edward K. Miklis … Executive Producer
    • Garry K. Marshall … Executive Producer, Created by
    • William S. Bickley … Producer, Writer
    • Claude Binyon, Jr. … Associate Producer
    • Mel Ferber … Director
    • Bob Brunner … Writer
    • Pete King … Music by
    • Norman Gimbel … Theme Music by
    • Charles Fox … Theme Music by
    • Ron Howard (See also: Ronny Howard) … Cast, Richie Cunningham
    • Marion Ross … Cast, Marion Cunningham
    • Anson Williams … Cast, Potsie Weber
    • Tom Bosley … Cast, Howard Cunningham
    • Henry Winkler … Cast, Arthur "Fonz" Fonzarelli
    • Donny Most … Cast, Ralph Malph
    • Jessica Myerson … Cast, Miss Pratt
    • Tita Bell … Cast, Trudy
    • Erin Moran … Cast, Joanie Cunningham
    • Gavan O'Herlighy … Cast, Chuck Cunningham
    • Stuart Nisbit … Cast, Mr. Faraday
    • Jean Fraser … Cast, Sandy
    • Richard Doran … Cast, Kid