The unaired pilot in this comedy series, which was later reshot with Erin Moran as Joanie, about life in the 1950s. In this episode, Richie and Potsie make the scene at Arthur's. There, Ralph Malph proudly displays a recent hickey to Richie and Potsie. Then, Potsie gives Richie a Mickey Spillane book to help him on his first date with Mary Lou Milligan, a girl with a known reputation. Potsie has told Mary Lou some lies in order to get her interested in Richie. He tells Richie to read some parts from "I, the Jury" in order to intrigue her. Later, Mary Lou arrives at Arthur's and Potsie introduces her to Richie. After he reads from the book, Mary Lou seems somewhat interested in him. He asks her to a movie that night but she is stuck babysitting. Thus, she asks Richie if he would like to join her on the job. Later, Howard and Marion notice that Richie's behavior is strange. That night, a nervous Richie gets some final tips from Potsie on how to seduce Mary Lou. Richie is a little scared about dealing with Mary Lou and finally leaves to meet her. Once arriving at the house where she's babysitting, Richie struggles to make conversation. Soon, however, the two are kissing, though that doesn't last long when Richie "kisses funny." The romantic struggle continues, with Richie quickly finding out that Mary Lou's reputation has been fabricated by her former beaus. The evening ends with Richie teaching Mary Lou how to play chess. The next day, Richie refuses to talk about his date with Potsie and Ralph. Eventually, though, he lies about what he did with Mary Lou. Later, Richie discusses his lie with his father, who gives him some advice. By the next day, Richie has admitted the truth to his friends, a fact that impresses Mary Lou. Only Fonzie remains angry, having made a date with Mary Lou after hearing Richie's earlier tales. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: 1974
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:26:50
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:50316
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 1974-1984


    • Thomas L. Miller … Producer
    • Edward K. Milkis … Producer
    • Mel Ferber … Director
    • Garry K. Marshall … Created by, Writer
    • Rob Reiner … Writer
    • Philip Mishkin … Writer
    • Charles Fox … Theme Music by
    • Norman Gimbel … Theme Music by
    • Ronnie Howard (See also: Ron Howard) … Cast, Richie Cunningham
    • Anson Williams … Cast, Potsie Weber
    • Tom Bosley … Cast, Howard Cunningham
    • Marion Ross … Cast, Marion Cunningham
    • Henry Winkler … Cast, Arthur "Fonz" Fonzarelli
    • Donny Most … Cast, Ralph Malph
    • Gain O'Herlihy … Cast, Chuck
    • Kathy O'Dare … Cast, Mary Lou Milligan
    • Rick Hurst … Cast, Cook
    • Danny Jacobson … Cast, Pat
    • Mickey Spillane