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One in this series of dramas about a Los Angeles newspaper, its staff, and city editor Lou Grant. This episode concerns police negligence in dealing with the murder of a gay man, and a police officer who takes a special interest in the case. Lou's neighbor is murdered, and the police, assuming the killer was the victim's male lover, seem to have buried the investigation. Having seen the fleeing murderer, Lou presses to have the case reopened, and a personal conflict arises between the two police officers conducting the new investigation. Meanwhile, a gay bar burns down and there is disagreement among the editors as to whether the names of the victims should be printed. Commercials deleted.

Cataloging of this program was made possible by Grant Tinker in honor of Ed Asner.


  • DATE: September 17, 1979 Monday 10:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:49:39
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:14832
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Drama; Gays; Murder; Newspaper editors; Newspaper publishing; Newspapers; Police - Complaints against; Reporters and reporting; LGBT Collection
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - TV series, 1977-1982


  • Gene Reynolds … Executive Producer, Created by
  • Seth Freeman … Producer, Writer
  • Michael Vittes … Associate Producer
  • Roger Young … Director
  • Leon Tokatyan … Developed by
  • Allan Burns … Created by
  • James L. Brooks … Created by
  • Patrick Williams … Music by
  • Edward Asner … Cast, Lou Grant
  • Robert Walden … Cast, Joe Rossi
  • Linda Kelsey … Cast, Billie Newman
  • Mason Adams … Cast, Charlie Hume
  • Jack Bannon … Cast, Art Donovan
  • Daryl Anderson … Cast, Dennis "Animal" Price
  • Nancy Marchand … Cast, Mrs. Pynchon
  • Joe Penny … Cast, Dave Tynan
  • Ed Winter … Cast, Robert Dennahy
  • Mariclare Costello … Cast, Maxine Kintner
  • Michael Alldredge … Cast, Ted McPhee
  • Ron Max … Cast, Tony Stiles
  • Don Draper … Cast, Bill Lester
  • Bob Hackman … Cast, Danny Zaweski
  • Joe Medalis … Cast, Farrell
  • Gene Bua … Cast, Tom Slade
  • Allen Williams … Cast, Adam Wilson
  • James Oliver … Cast, Russ Barrow
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