This program presents a portion of coverage of the 1984 XIV Olympic Winter Games from Sarajevo. Highlights of this portion include coverage of the following events and topics: Anchor sports commentator Jim McKay presides throughout this portion and introduces various events and highlights. Sports commentators Keith Jackson and Jay Rand cover the men's 70m ski jumping 1st round top contenders with Matti Nykaenen (Finland) leading with a 91m jump giving him a score of 114.1, Jens Weissflog (East Germany) in 2nd, and Andreas Bauer (West Germany) in 3rd. Rand interviews the men's ski jump contender Jeff Hastings (USA) about the technical aspects of both the 70m and the 90m ski jump event. McKay covers the severe weather and the continuing effects it has on the Olympics. Sports commentator Kathleen Sullivan covers a segment on how the severe winter weather is affecting other parts of Yugoslavia. Sports commentator Mike Eruzione interviews the 1968 Olympic 3 time gold medalist alpine skier Jean-Claude Killy (France) about the alpine ski contenders chances of winning. Sports commentator Jack Whitaker recaps the men's Nordic combined ski jumping portion and talks about the disappointments and benefits with the athletes. Sports commentator Jack Turner interviews Nordic combined contender Kerry Lynch (USA) about how he feels when the judges from the previous day decided to conceal the rounds and start them over after having good jumps wiped out. Whittaker covers a segment about Lynch, detailing how he overcame his injuries with the help of acupuncturist Daeshik Seo, and was able to continue to compete without pain. Whittaker covers a segment on alpine ski jumping contender Tom Sandberg (Norway) about his personal and athletic life. Whitaker continues coverage of the men's overall Nordic combined final: Tom Sandberg (Norway) wins the gold medal with 422.595 points; Jouko Karjalainen (Finland) wins the silver medal; and Jukka Ylipulli (Finland) wins the bronze medal. Sports commentator Frank Gifford covers a retrospective on past women's skiing Olympic medalists. Sports commentator Bob Beattie interviews women's alpine skiing contender Cindy Nelson (USA) about what type of condition her knee is in after having microscopic surgery. McKay highlights Nelson competing and training throughout the years. Jackson and Rand continue coverage of the men's 70m ski jumping 2nd round with top contenders undetermined at the end of this portion. Whittaker covers a segment about the legendary Norwegian Olympic alpine ski jump gold medalist and WWII war hero Birger Rudd. Notable commercials and/or promos include Freddie Spencer for Honda.


  • DATE: February 12, 1984 8:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 01:01:36
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:00832
  • GENRE: Sports
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Alpine Skiing, Alpine combined women
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - Honda Nighthawk S^TV - Commercials - AT&T^TV - Commercials - Converse^TV - Commercials - Ryder^TV - Commercials - Chevrolet^TV - Commercials - Xerox^TV - Commercials - M&M's^TV - Commercials - Coca-Cola^TV - Commercials - Miller High Life^TV - Commercials - UPS


    • Jim McKay … Anchor Sports Commentator
    • Keith Jackson … Sports Commentator
    • Jay Rand … Sports Commentator
    • Kathleen Sullivan … Sports Commentator
    • Mike Eruzione … Sports Commentator
    • Jack Whitaker … Sports Commentator
    • Jack Turner … Sports Commentator
    • Frank Gifford … Sports Commentator
    • Bob Beattie … Sports Commentator
    • Matti Nykaenen … Athlete
    • Jens Weissflog … Athlete
    • Andreas Bauer … Athlete
    • Jean-Claude Killy … Athlete
    • Jeff Hastings … Athlete
    • Kerry Lynch … Athlete
    • Tom Sandberg … Athlete
    • Jouko Karjalainen … Athlete
    • Jukka Ylipulli … Athlete
    • Cindy Nelson … Athlete
    • Birger Rudd
    • Daeshik Seo
    • Freddie Spencer … Talent, Honda/Nighthawk S commercial