A television film reuniting the cast of the 1964 “Addams Family” television show.

Halloween fast approaches at the Addams household, and much is going on; the extended Addams family is coming over for a family-exclusive Halloween party. Gomez is leaving for Tombstone, Arizona to become initiated as a “grand exalted serpent” with his lodge. He is concerned because Pancho Addams, his brother, is being left behind with Morticia, for whom he still has feelings. Gomez becomes irritated when he sees Pancho spending time with the kids, telling them the story of “Cousin Shy,” a Santa-like spirit of Halloween. However, Morticia assures him everything will be fine as he departs.

It turns out that Gomez’s absence was engineered by a cadre of criminals hoping to steal from the Addams family’s vast fortune. They spy on the house with hidden cameras, confused by the family's habits and speech patterns. They elect Mikey, to inspect the house in the guise of a tax official meant to assessing the property Meanwhile, Wednesday Sr. and Pugsley Sr. return home for Halloween; Wednesday has been studying at a music academy while Pugsley has been in Africa studying to be a witch doctor. The strange and frightening environment of the Addams home proves too much for Mikey, who runs away in a panic.

Mikey’s retreat does not slow his cohorts, who have disguised themselves in costumes for the Halloween party and hired muscular bodyguards and lookalikes of Gomez and Morticia to aid in their scheme. Gomez returns to find his family trimming their scarecrow with Pancho. He speaks to Cousin Itt for advice on the matter; who proves helpful.

The party begins and the guests arrive, including Ophelia, Morticia’s sister. The crooks come in costume, claiming to be distantly related family members. The fake Gomez and Morticia sneak in through the back. During a dance, Lurch seizes a criminal dressed as Little Bo Peep, clinging to him for the remainder of the festivities. The head crook sends his bodyguards to tackle Gomez and Morticia. They make several attempts to tie them up, but Gomez escapes each time by signaling Wednesday with Morse code played on his piccolo. The head crook then sends the fake Gomez and Morticia to search the house, but they are grabbed by Ophelia and Pancho, who have romantic designs on the pair.

Gomez receives a notice in the mail that he has not been promoted to “grand exalted serpent,” but rather demoted to “worm, second class.” He is depressed, and it worsens when he notices both Pancho and the fake Gomez romancing Morticia. Fester reads the letter and resolves to cheer up Gomez, seizing upon the fake Gomez and tying him to the rack to “relax” him. The fake Gomez reveals his identity to an enraged Fester. Meanwhile, Pancho corners the fake Morticia and kisses her as Gomez arrives; he realizes she is a fake when the real Morticia walks in on the three of them.

Lurch takes the Bo Peep-costumed criminal to the tower, scaring off the muscle-bound bodyguards in the process. The head criminal is placed on the rack by Fester, who confesses his scheme. The police arrive due to a noise complaint, and arrest the crooks. Gomez heads to the safe, where their secret pumpkin has been carved by Cousin Shy, just as predicted. Gomez hears Pancho waking the children for the witching hour and gets angry, but relents when he hears Pancho compliment him. The family sings a Halloween carol and celebrate around their scarecrow, now covered in cobwebs and festooned with presents. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: October 30, 1977 8:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:14:30
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 100834
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV, 1977


  • Charles Fries … Executive Producer
  • David Levy … Producer, "The Addams Family" Created for Television by
  • Paul Pieratt … Associate Producer
  • Dennis Steinmetz … Director
  • George Tibbles … Writer
  • Charles Addams … Based Upon the Original Cartoons of
  • Vic Mizzy … Music by
  • John Astin … Cast, Gomez Addams
  • Carolyn Jones … Cast, Morticia Addams, Ophelia Addams
  • Jackie Coogan … Cast, Uncle Fester
  • Lisa Loring … Cast, Wednesday Addams Sr.
  • Ken Weatherwax … Cast, Puglsey Addams Sr.
  • Ted Cassidy … Cast, Lurch
  • Felix Silla … Cast, Cousin Itt
  • Jane Rose … Cast, Grandmama
  • Henry Darrow … Cast, Pancho Addams
  • Elvia Allman … Cast, Mother Frump
  • Jennifer Surprenant … Cast, Wednesday Addams Jr.
  • Ken Marquis … Cast, Pugsley Addams Jr.
  • Vito Scotti … Cast, Mikey
  • Parley Baer … Cast, Boss Crook
  • Patrick Campbell … Cast, Little Bo Peep
  • Dean Sothern … Cast, Fake Gomez
  • Terry Miller … Cast, Fake Morticia
  • David Jones … Cast, Hercules
  • Clinton Beyerle … Cast, Atlas
  • Suzanne Krazna … Cast, Countess Dracula
  • George Ranito Jordan … Cast, First Cop
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