The second of this two-part miniseries serving as a conclusion to “Dynasty,” a night-time serial about the wealthy Carrington family of Denver, Colorado.

Still under the effects of her brainwashing, Krystle prepares to shoot Blake while he is asleep in bed. However, she stops when Krystina calls out to them, frightened by a thunderstorm. Blake gets up to tend to her, and Krystle takes the opportunity to hide her handgun. Alexis instates Carol as the new head of Arlen’s company, claiming that she deserves it far more than Arlen does. She is perplexed when Carol says she still loves Arlen, and she advises her to demote Arlen to an unimportant position and fire Sammy Jo. She asks Carol about Van Dorn, and Carol warns her not to get too involved with Van Dorn, although Alexis is confident that she can control him. In Aubonne, Van Dorn considers marrying Alexis in order to gain controlling interest in her company, although he implies that such a maneuver would also be for his own personal benefit. Krystle speaks to Steven about her recent episode, which she only vaguely remembers. He wants to help her, but also doesn’t want Steven to inform Blake for the time being.

Alexis and Van Dorn meet at an airport in New York and board the same private jet for a romantic encounter, during which they discuss incorporation of Van Dorn’s Asian accounts into Colby Co. The topic turns to marriage, and they both denigrate the need for a prenuptial agreement. Blake meets with Fallon, who is still concerned about Jeff’s disappearance. Despite her engagement to Miles, she still have lingering feelings for Jeff. In Geneva, Miles continues his search for Jeff and during the process runs into Adam. He asks Adam if he has seen Jeff, and Adam tells him about Jeff’s whereabouts. Adam visits Kirby, who is unhappy to see him. She is disgusted with him; she translated documents proving that Adam betrayed his father to get him to lose his company while he was in prison. He asks her to help him and Miles save Jeff, and she reluctantly agrees.

Carol shows Alexis a test-run of a fashion show for Carol’s new line of clothing. They are upset to see Sammy Jo among the featured models, as they sent her a letter firing her. She reveals that Arlen personally hired her back for a two-year contract, and that they are unable to dissolve it. Miles, Kirby, and Adam formulate a plan to break Jeff out of the chateau serving as the Consortium’s headquarters. Blake discovers Krystle sleepwalking outside and she again draws her handgun on him. Blake tries to reason with her and she quivers and collapses to the ground. She is confused and frightened, but relieved that Blake is unhurt. Blake realizes that she was brainwashed and doesn’t blame her for what she did. Van Dorn asks Alexis to deal with Arlen and his affair with Sammy Jo. Carol asserts her newfound authority as president, but is powerless to stop Arlen’s affair until she and Alexis cancel Arlen’s line of credit, leaving him unable to pay for a trip to the Caribbean he had planned for himself and Sammy Jo. She coerces Arlen into firing Sammy Jo, and she leaves in a display of anger, watched all the while by a grinning Alexis.

Miles, Adam, and Kirby enact their plan, and Miles draws inspiration from the Trojan Horse of legend; Adam arrives at the chateau and allows himself to be thrown in the same cell as Jeff. Meanwhile, Kirby delivers what appears to be a wine barrel to the chateau. She is recognized and captured, and the barrel is brought down to the cellar. It turns out that Miles is inside the barrel and is forced to fight the chateau’s guards. Adam uses a tiny incendiary device to break himself and Jeff out of their cell, allowing them to come to Miles’s aid. Kirby also gets into a struggle with her captor and is nearly killed when Adam arrives to save her. Miles, Jeff, Adam, and Kirby all manage to escape and drive off together. They travel to Virginia to meet with Blake, who is pleased with Adam for what he has done. Krystle finds out that Nurse Liu was murdered and they try to determine a way to bring down the Consortium, and they begin by trying to determine the identity of the Consortium’s mysterious “CEO.” Blake’s hearing with the attorney general is scheduled, and he believes this will be an essential step in bringing down the Consortium.

Sammy Jo wishes to take Danny back to New York with her, although Steven protests and says he wants to keep him. However, Steven doesn’t want Danny to feel as though Sammy Jo abandoned him, and relinquishes him to her. Sammy Jo is grateful for this gesture, and Bart offers his support to Steven. Van Dorn finds out about Blake’s meeting with the attorney general and he asks Alexis to go to Washington and interfere with his plans. Blake and his party assemble at the Department of Justice, opposed by Van Dorn’s executives and by Alexis. Their arguments become heated over discrepancies in documentation about the acquisition of Denver-Carrington. Jeff testifies about his capture and torture, but can present no impartial witnesses to corroborate his story. Alexis’s testimony about the state of Blake’s company and the failure to present concrete evidence makes the assistant attorney general hearing their case quite skeptical. Adam insists on testifying against Blake’s wishes, revealing his affiliation with the Consortium and his role as a corporate spy for them.

Krystle confronts Alexis in New York; the attorney general’s office filed a consent form allowing Blake to regain control of Denver-Carrington. She wishes to purchase back a brooch that Alexis got at the auction, but Alexis says she gave it away to one of her maids. Krystle is angry with her for this slight, and they get into a physical fight. Eventually Alexis ends up sprawled out on the ground, and Krystle leaves. Blake and Krystle purchase back the Carrington mansion and return to live there. Van Dorn’s executives confront him over his recent failures, and he vows to kill Blake himself in order to rectify everything. Blake and Krystle enjoy a romantic aside in their house, and Krystle notes that she is inviting everyone over for a family reunion to celebrate the reacquisition of the house. Jeff speaks with Fallon and reveals that he transferred ownership of the house to her, and hopes that their divorce will not divide their children any further. Miles come upon them and is unhappy to see them together. They start arguing, and Fallon becomes frustrated that she is being treated as an object in their struggle and storms off.

Adam proposes to Kirby, and she accepts. Van Dorn confronts Alexis on her private jet, and she is upset at him for sending her Washington on a “wild goose chase.” However, she is also frustrated at being thought of as a terrible person and wants to set a better example for her children. Van Dorn offers to visit the Carrington reunion, as he orchestrated the original sale of the house, and bring Alexis with him. The Carrington family assembles for a showing of home movies. Van Dorn and Alexis arrive, and Blake and Krystle try to get them to leave. They are sent away, and Alexis confronts Van Dorn in private; she is angry that he lied to her about his previous affiliation with Blake and that he used her to get close to Blake. She realizes that he is the “CEO,” and he takes her hostage and ties her up in the Carrington’s shed, hoping to kill her by suffocating her with carbon monoxide fumes.

Miles believes that Fallon still loves Jeff and tells her to reunite with him and stop lying to herself. She realizes Miles is right and returns to Jeff. Van Dorn asks to see Blake in another room, and Jeff thinks he recognizes his voice from his captivity in Switzerland. Van Dorn holds Blake at gunpoint, and they have a discussion about business ethics and morality. Blake’s sons arrive to save him and they get into a struggle with Van Dorn. Van Dorn flees and they chase him around the mansions’ grounds. During the chase, Adam discovers Alexis and rescues her. The police arrive and find Van Dorn, arresting him and taking him away. However, the police are actually his own henchmen in disguise. That night, the whole family sits down to dinner, joined by Alexis. Even she admits that despite their differences they are united by their children and their familial bonds. Blake and Krystle dance with each other after dinner. Includes commercials.

Also includes an “ABC News Brief” with Carole Simpson.


  • DATE: October 22, 1991 Tuesday 9:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:59:45
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:23436
  • GENRE: Drama, night-time serial
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Drama, night-time serial
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV, 1991
  • COMMERCIALS: TV – Commercials – Slim-Fast weight loss shakes^TV – Commercials – Glade deodorizer^TV – Commercials – Toyota automobiles^TV – Commercials – Discover credit cards^TV – Commercials – Dimetapp children’s medicine^TV – Commercials – Ford automobiles^TV – Commercials – Raisin Bran breakfast cereal^TV – Commercials – Advil medicine^TV – Commercials – Instant of Cream of Wheat hot cereal^TV – Commercials – Honda automobiles^TV – Commercials – Diet Dr Pepper soft drink^TV – Commercials – Minute Rice rice^TV – Commercials – Oral-B toothbrushes^TV – Commercials – Lean Cuisine prepared meals^TV – Commercials – AT&T phone service^TV – Commercials – Tylenol medicine^TV – Commercials – Aspen cologne^TV – Commercials – Little Caesars pizza^TV – Commercials – Tidy Scoop cat litter^TV – Commercials – Nexxus hair products^TV – Commercials – “Billy Bathgate” motion picture^TV – Commercials – Sinutab sinus medication^TV – Commercials – French Vanilla Café coffee^TV – Commercials – Carnival cruise line^TV – Commercials – Clorox bleach^TV – Commercials – “Fantasia” home video release^TV – Commercials – Clairol hair coloring^TV – Commercials – Kix breakfast cereal^TV – Commercials – Washington apples^TV – Commercials – Estee Lauder cosmetics^TV – Commercials – Bob’s Big Boy restaurants^TV – Commercials – Dexatrim diet pills^TV – Commercials – Pedia Care children’s medicine^TV – Commercials – Target department stores^TV – Commercials – Cadillac automobiles^TV – Commercials – Pillsbury cooking dough^TV – Commercials – Robitussin lozenges^TV – Commercials – Tide laundry detergent^TV – Commercials – Ex-Lax laxative^TV – Commercials – GTE phone service^TV – Promos – “Roseanne”^TV – Promos – “Dinosaurs”^TV – Promos – “The Wonder Years”^TV – Promos – “Primetime”^TV – Promos – “Sibs”^TV – Promos – “A Stranger in the Family”^TV – Promos – “Doogie Howser, M.D.”^TV – Promos – “Good Morning America”^TV – Promos – “Eyewitness News”^TV – Promos – “The Commish”^TV – Promos – “Homefront”^TV – Promos – “20/20”^TV – Promos – “Live Regis & Kathy Lee”^TV – Promos – “Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star”^TV – Promos – “False Arrest”^TV – Promos – “Anything But Love”^TV – Promos – “Good & Evil”^TV – Promos – “One Life to Live”


  • Aaron Spelling … Executive Producer
  • Douglas S. Cramer … Executive Producer
  • Richard Shapiro … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
  • Esther Shapiro … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
  • F. Duke Vincent … Executive Supervising Producer
  • Elaine Rich … Producer
  • Cheryl R. Stein … Associate Producer
  • Irving J. Moore … Director
  • Edward DeBlasio … Writer
  • Robert Pollock … Writer
  • Eileen Pollock … Writer
  • Peter Myers … Music by
  • Bill Conti … Theme Music by
  • John Forsythe … Cast, Blake Carrington
  • Linda Evans … Cast, Krystle Carrington
  • John James … Cast, Jeff Colby
  • Heather Locklear … Cast, Sammy Jo Carrington
  • Emma Samms … Cast, Fallon Carrington Colby
  • Kathleen Beller … Cast, Kirby Anders Colby
  • Al Corley … Cast, Steven Carrington
  • Maxwell Caulfield … Cast, Miles Colby
  • Michael Brandon … Cast, Arlen Marshall
  • Robin Sachs … Cast, Adam Carrington
  • Jeroen Krabbe … Cast, Jeremy Van Dorn
  • Joan Collins … Cast, Alexis
  • Cameron Watson … Cast, Bart Fallmont
  • Alphonsia Emmanuel … Cast, Mrs. Lipton
  • Wendie Malick … Cast, Carol Marshall
  • Tony Jay … Cast, Dr. Jobinet
  • William Beckley … Cast, Gerard
  • Brandon Bluhm … Cast, Little Blake
  • Justin Burnette … Cast, Danny
  • Betty Harford … Cast, Mrs. Gunnerson
  • Virginia Hawkins … Cast, Jeannette
  • Jeff O'Haco … Cast, Interviewer
  • Jessica Player … Cast, Krystina
  • Brittany Alyse Smith … Cast, Lauren
  • Keone Young … Cast, Mr. Woo
  • For "ABC News Brief"
  • Carole Simpson … Anchor