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One in this comedy series portraying a fictional version of the life of comedian Louis C.K. Louie attends a funeral for Barney Ross, the notoriously abrasive and unlikeable manager of a comedy club where he used to work. The only other person in attendance is Robin Williams. Later they reconvene at a café and reminisce about how much they hated Barney, and about all the ways he used to mistreat comics. Louie admits that he felt nothing when he learned of Barney’s death, but felt that he had to attend since he knew no one else would, and he has a personal fear of being buried with no witnesses; Robin concurs. They recount how despite his universal loathing in the comic community, Barney constantly wanted people to like him, constantly inviting comics to come out with him to his favorite strip club. Out of curiosity, Louie and Robin visit the strip club and reveal to the strippers working there that Barney has died. The strippers and the other staff at the club are genuinely moved by Barney’s death, and set aside time for a tribute to him. Louie and Robin do not react until they get outside, whereupon they burst into laughter and promise each other that they will be there at each other’s funerals, depending on which of them dies first. On another day, Louie plans to spend some quality time with Lilly but is interrupted by his acquaintance Nancy, who asks him to look after her son Never while she goes for a medical consultation to “get my vagina removed.” Louie agrees despite Lilly’s protests; she wants nothing to do with Never. Never immediately proves to be troublesome when he shoves a baby carriage into the middle of traffic, causing a car accident and a leak of hazardous chemicals into the street. Louie returns home with Lilly and Never, whereupon Lilly immediately locks herself in her room. Louie struggles to find something for Never to eat, as Nancy warned that he “can’t eat anything with carbon in it;” Never requests raw hamburger meat in a bowl, and Louie complies. Doug calls Louie to arrange a radio interview to promote his upcoming show in Kansas City; Louie is resistant but Doug convinces him otherwise. Meanwhile, Never throws Louie’s rug out the window and it is promptly stolen by a pair of passers-by. Louie then tries to find something for Never to do while he’s on the phone for his interview. Never asks that he be allowed to take a bath and Louie sets up the tub. The radio station calls Louie, and he struggles to deal with the obnoxious radio hosts. They abruptly hang up on him when he insults Kansas City, calling it “the worst city in North America.” He then finds that Never has defecated all over the tub, much to his disgust. He manages to clean both Never and the tub up, and offers to let Never come talk to him if he ever needs to. Never notes that his mother allows him to do whatever he wants, but Louie counters that his mother is wrong. Nancy arrives to pick up Never. The episode ends with a scene during Barney’s burial, wherein one of the gravediggers is frustrated that the other is speaking a foreign language that he cannot understand. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: August 2, 2012 10:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:21:01
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 112538
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: FX - TV series, 2010-


  • Louis C.K. … Executive Producer, Director, Created by, Writer
  • Dave Becky … Executive Producer
  • M. Blair Breard … Executive Producer
  • Tony Hernandez … Producer
  • Adam Escott … Co-Producer
  • Lilly Burns … Associate Producer
  • Matt Kilmer … Music by
  • Brent Arnold … Music by
  • Adam Platt … Music by
  • Maxfield Gast … Music by
  • Mike Shobe … Music by
  • Benjamin Wright … Music by
  • John Shannon … Music by
  • Alan Grubner … Music by
  • Christa Robinson … Music by
  • Kelly Keagy … Music by
  • Errol Brown … Theme Music by
  • Anthony Wilson … Theme Music by
  • Ian Lloyd … Theme Music by
  • Louis C.K. … Cast, Louie
  • Robin Williams … Cast, Himself
  • Hadley Delany … Cast, Lilly
  • Jeremy Shinder … Cast, Never Cartesian
  • Edward Gelbinovich … Cast, Doug
  • JB Smoove … Cast, Gravedigger #2
  • McKinley Belcher III … Cast, Gravedigger #1
  • Patrick Elliott … Cast, Rug Stealing Man
  • Ally Gordon … Cast, Stripper #1
  • Uma Incrocci … Cast, Rug Stealing Woman
  • Minnie Lee … Cast, Stripper #4
  • Dawn McGee … Cast, Screaming Woman
  • Jay Oakerson … Cast, Strip Club Emcee
  • Faina Vitebsky Reinhardt … Cast, Stripper #3
  • Whitney Claire White … Cast, Stripper #2
  • Lulu Wilson … Cast, Little Girl
  • Anthony Cumia … Voice, Tracer
  • Gregg "Opie" Hughes … Voice, Radio Producer
  • Jim Norton … Voice, Pig
  • Amy Schumer … Voice, Diane
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