One in this series of dramatic thrillers. In this episode, part one of two, Dr. Patrick Cory is conducting an experiment with a monkey's brain. His objective is to see how long he can keep a brain functioning outside of the body. While going over some notes, Cory is informed of a plane crash that has left one man just barely alive. The man turns out to be William H. Donovan, a Wall Street investment genius. Realizing that Donovan will most likely not survive, Cory decides to further the experiment using Donovan's brain. Working diligently, he teaches the brain to talk and think by tapping out codes on the glass jar the brain is contained in. Cory realizes that now the brain can teach a living brain how to think and act. Obsessed with Donovan's brain, Cory has picked up some very strange habits and his wife, Janice, can't take much more of his lunacy. Cory promises to stop the experiment, but instead tricks Janice into being committed to an insane asylum. Includes commercials and public service announcements. Continues with R86:0044.


  • DATE: May 18, 1944 Thursday 8:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:30:00
  • COLOR/B&W:
  • CATALOG ID: R86:0043
  • GENRE: Drama, mystery/suspense
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Drama, mystery/suspense
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - Radio series, 1942-1962
  • COMMERCIALS: Radio - Commercials - Roma wine^Radio - PSA - U.S. War Bonds


  • William Spier … Producer, Director
  • Curt Siodmak … Writer, Based on the novel "Donovan's Brain" by
  • John Dickson Carr … Adapted by
  • Lud Gluskin … Composer, Conductor
  • Berne Surrey … Sound effects by
  • Truman Bradley … Announcer
  • Orson Welles … Cast, Dr. Patrick Cory
  • Joseph Kearns … Cast, the Man in Black, with others