One in this series of late-night talk/variety programs hosted by Johnny Carson. On this program, the guests include comedian Garry Shandling and violinist Joshua Bell. In his opening monologue, Carson comments on the following topics, among others: President Bush's poor fishing skills; the absence of bandleader Doc Severinsen; the start of the new school year and his memories of his own schooldays; the President's recent speech about drugs and the "rebuttal" from Senator Joe Biden; Libyan politician Muammar Gaddafi's recent trip to Yugoslavia; Charles Manson's surprising appearance on "Entertainment Tonight"; an amusing addition to the Miss America contest; and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's forthcoming child. Next, Carson chats with co-host Ed McMahon about Tonight Show Band trumpeter Snooky Young's upcoming concert in his hometown of Daytona. He then reads a series of funny quotes from schoolchildren, who "make a strange kind of sense" as they fill in the second half of popular proverbs with their own youthful logic.

The first guest, Shandling, joins Carson onstage and discussing seeing McMahon on a telethon and his own experience with the Publisher's Clearing House contest; being invited to a state dinner at the White House after previously appearing on "The Tonight Show"; the strict security at the White House; his lack of dancing skills, as displayed during the dinner; his girlfriend's desire to get married; his sense of his own aging; and his surprise at being named a distinguished alum of the University of Arizona.

Next, Bell takes the stage and plays a classical piece on the violin, accompanied by pianist Andrew DeGrado. Bell then sits down with Carson and jokes with Shandling about their neighboring dressing rooms, also discussing his rehearsal habits; his varying levels of confidence in his performances; his interest in sports and occasional injuries; and the shifting age levels of his fanbase. He then plays "Summertime" from "Porgy and Bess," and Carson closes the program by previewing the following night's guests. Includes commercials and promos.


  • DATE: September 6, 1989 11:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:00:00
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:43523
  • GENRE: Talk/Interviews
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1962-1992
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - Lexus automobiles^TV - Commercials - Burger King restaurants^TV - Commercials - AT&T phone services^TV - Commercials - Quaker instant oatmeal^TV - Commercials - Realty World real estate^TV - Commercials - Nutrasweet artificial sweetener^TV - Commercials - Nuprin pain relievers^TV - Commercials - Kotex tampons^TV - Commercials - Duracell batteries^TV - Commercials - Benadryl allergy medication^TV - Commercials - Listermint mouth wash^TV - Commercials - Kodak color film^TV - Commercials - Miller draft beer^TV - Promos - "Working Girl" home video^TV - Promos - "Late Night with David Letterman"^TV - Promos - "Later with Bob Costas"^TV - Promos - "The Cover Girl and the Cop"^TV - Promos - "From the Heart"


    • Johnny Carson … Host
    • Tommy Newsome and the NBC Orchestra … Music by
    • Ed McMahon … Co-Host
    • Joshua Bell … Guest, Performer
    • Garry Shandling … Guest
    • Andrew DeGrado … Instrumentalist
    • Joe Biden
    • George H.W. Bush
    • Muammar Gaddafi
    • Charles Manson
    • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    • Doc Severinsen
    • Maria Shriver
    • Snooky Young