One in this series of late-night talk/variety programs hosted by Johnny Carson. Carson's guests for this program are filmmaker Craig Pease, singer Lola Falana, comedian Freddie Prinze and actor/writer Buck Henry. In his opening monologue, Carson touches on the following topics, among others: the recent popularity of public streaking; the nationwide gas shortage; Amanda Blake's departure from "Gunsmoke" after nineteen years; the discovery of the world's oldest song in Greece; and a strange lawsuit filed against a health spa. Carson then acknowledges McMahon's birthday and notes that he himself was onstage performing during all three of his sons' births. Next, Carson displays a series of still photographs from television "pilots" that were far too silly to make it to series.

The first guest, Pease, sits down with Carson and comments on his own history as a champion water-skier, and then introduces a series of clips from the nine-hour Parker Marathon, a boat race in Arizona, as well as other scenes of circle-racing, ramp-jumping, drag-racing and other dangerous, high-speed water sports, some of which end in deadly or near-deadly crashes. Pease explains that he intends to use the footage to create a documentary, tentatively titled "Hot Summer Wine," inspired by Bruce Brown's film "The Endless Summer" (1964).

Next, Falana performs a medley of "Lean On Me" and "You've Got a Friend," after which she chats with Carson about her own "nervous energy"; her involvement with a parapsychology experiment at UCLA, in which her hands were photographed and their aura studied; and her interest in séances, Ouija boards and other forms of supernatural exploration.

Prinze takes the stage and performs a stand-up routine about his "Hungarican" heritage; the dangerous streets of New York; his failed attempts to train a guard/attack dog; his bad luck with cars, including an incident in which he was pulled over alongside a loudmouthed friend; and his dislike of flying. He chats with Carson about his new television pilot for "Chico and the Man" alongside veteran performer Jack Albertson; his homesickness for New York; and his views on karate movies.

The final guest, Henry, sits down with Carson and discusses the gas shortage and how Angelenos typically do not walk anywhere, compared to those in his hometown of New York City; his dating life and low "recognition factor" with women, compared to Carson's considerable fame; whether he enjoys "Hollywood parties"; his wariness of organic health foods; and his interest in the upcoming Los Angeles Film Festival. Includes commercials and promos.


  • DATE: March 7, 1974 11:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:23:09
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:76063
  • GENRE: Talk/Interview
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Comedy/Variety
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1962-1992
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - Pepto-Bismal stomach medication^TV - Commercials - Pamprin pain reliever^TV - Commercials - Ultra Ban 5000 anti-perspirant^TV - Commercials - Excedrin pain reliever^TV - Commercials - Revlon cosmetics^TV - Commercials - Eureka vacuum cleaners^TV - Commercials - Budweiser beers^TV - Commercials - Alpo dog food^TV - Commercials - Lavoris mouthwash^TV - Commercials - Vicks Formula 44 cough medicine^TV - Commercials - Rich's Coffee Rich creamer^TV - Commercials - Scott's Liquid Gold furniture polish^TV - Commercials - Aquafilter cigarette filter


    • The NBC Orchestra … Music by
    • Doc Severinsen … Conductor
    • Johnny Carson … Host
    • Ed McMahon … Co-Host
    • Lola Falana … Guest, Performer
    • Freddie Prinze … Guest, Performer
    • Craig Pease … Guest
    • Buck Henry … Guest
    • Jack Albertson
    • Amanda Blake
    • Bruce Brown