One in this series of late-night talk/variety programs hosted by Johnny Carson. Carson's guests for this program are singer/actress Doris Day, film critic Rex Reed, singer Donna Theodore, and medical "expert" Dale Alexander.

In his opening monologue, Carson touches on the following topics, among others: bandleader Doc Severinsen's foot injury; the approach of Super Bowl X, for which Richard Nixon has predicted the Dallas Cowboys will defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers by one point (which did not come to pass); the highly expensive commercial airtime during the game; Governor Reagan's travels as he works to secure the Republican nomination; a new lawsuit involving "eccentric" and reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes, who may or may not still be alive; improvements in the stock market; the recent marriage of comic-strip character "Brenda Starr, Reporter"; and record numbers of divorces in America.

The first guest, Day, joins Carson and talks about her unusual skin-care method; why she chose to divert from her usual private lifestyle to write her new memoir, "Doris Day: Her Own Story," acting on advice from pal Jacqueline Susann; her desire to contract the "boring" popular image of her as a saintly wife and mother who is also somehow virginal; their respective views on explicit content, such as the X-rated film "Emmanuelle" (1974), and the appeal of voyeurism; memories of her early days as a singer traveling with bands; why writing her book was therapeutic, particularly in revisiting the sad times in her life; her disbelief upon receiving a phone call from film star Jack Carson informing her that she had landed her first screen role in "Romance on the High Seas" (1948); why she has never been "career-minded" and prefers a quiet domestic life; her disastrous first two marriages to musicians Al Jorden and George Weidler, followed by her third and possibly final marriage to the late Marty Melcher, who became her agent; her strong beliefs in getting to know someone, including via cohabitation, prior to marriage; her love of traveling via car and the challenge of remaining anonymous while out and about; finding happiness after learning from her tumultuous past; and why she no longer sings much, in part because of her lack of ability to play the piano.

Next, the Mighty Carson Art Players perform some "man on the street" interviews regarding the upcoming presidential election, with reporter "Howard K. Remote" (Carson) stopping a brusque working man, a harassed housewife and a confused stoner to ask their opinions on the various candidates.

Next, Reed takes the stage and discusses his love of Day's book, which he deems highly relatable and devoid of self-pity; her resilience through many challenging experiences and why it helps to "have a round bottom"; her "important" talent and many memorable films; why she would choose to remake many of her "trite" movies if given the chance; his recent world travels and extremely negative views of India, which he views as overpopulated and impoverished to the point of hopelessness; and comparisons to Japan and its very "polite," highly educated crowds.

Theodore performs "I've Got the Music in Me," and Alexander then joins Carson to discuss his somewhat odd ideas about skin care and hair loss prevention, including how good nutrition creates a "supple scalp" that retains and/or regrows one's hair. Includes commercials and promos.


  • DATE: January 16, 1976 11:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:23:13
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:82046
  • GENRE: Talk/Interview
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Comedy/Variety
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1962-1992
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - Ore Ida French fries^TV - Commercials - Gillette Cricket cigarette lighters^TV - Commercials - Glad trash bags^TV - Commercials - Tums heartburn relief^TV - Commercials - Oil of Olay skin products^TV - Commercials - Purina Cat Chow cat food^TV - Commercials - United Airlines^TV - Commercials - McDonald's restaurants^TV - Commercials - Egg Baskets products^TV - Commercials - Tropicana orange juice^TV - Commercials - Vitalis Super Hold hairspray^TV - Commercials - Bufferin painkillers^TV - Commercials - Vaseline Intensive Care lotion^TV - Commercials - House in Bloom foliage plant food^TV - Promos - "Saturday Night"^TV - Promos - "The Midnight Special"


    • NBC Orchestra, The … Music by
    • Doc Severinsen … Conductor
    • Johnny Carson … Host
    • Ed McMahon … Announcer
    • Donna Theodore … Guest, Performer
    • Doris Day … Guest
    • Rex Reed … Guest
    • Dale Alexander … Guest
    • Jack Carson
    • Howard Hughes
    • Al Jorden
    • Martin Melcher
    • Richard Nixon
    • Ronald Reagan
    • Jacqueline Susann
    • George Weidler