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One in this series of late-night talk/variety programs hosted by Johnny Carson. On this program, the guests include entertainer Bernadette Peters, comedian Rodney Dangerfield, and actor Beau Bridges. In his opening monologue, Carson comments on the following topics, among others: paying one's taxes on time, what it is like receiving extension notices from the IRS, the gifts that are given to guests at Leona Helmsley's hotels, the new police chief of Los Angeles, voting to find out which picture of Elvis Presley should be displayed on a postage stamp, the criticism over the opening of Euro Disneyland, and the numerous weddings on primetime television. Next, Carson reads a commencement speech to the audience, because after the show they will all be alumni. The first guest, Bernadette Peters, sings "Come Rain or Come Shine." She then joins Carson and talks about her participation in an upcoming benefit concert, picking out an outfit to wear on the show, how important clothes are to her, why women seem to love buying shoes, and how she describes herself to other people. She then sings "What'll I Do?" which was the first song she sang for Carson. The next guest, Rodney Dangerfield, performs a very brief stand-up comedy routine in which he jokes about his sex life with his wife and not being good looking. He then joins Carson and discusses why it has been so long between visits, whether he considers himself a movie star or still a stand-up comedian, what it is like looking for the right women, the deterioration of his body with age, a story about a man on the street begging for money, and why he likes watching porno movies in reverse. The last guest, Beau Bridges, talks about taking karate lessons; his embarrassment at his first karate lesson; and what his next movie, "Sidekicks," is about. Carson closes the show with a clip from Dangerfield's movie "Ladybug." Includes commercials and promos.


  • DATE: April 15, 1992 Wednesday 11:35 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:58:56
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:42941
  • GENRE: Talk/Interviews; Variety
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Comedy; Interviews; Music, popular (songs, etc.)
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1962-1992
    • TV - Commercials - "City of Joy" (feature film)
    • TV - Commercials - "Freejack" home video
    • TV - Commercials - Advil pain reliever
    • TV - Commercials - Budweiser beer
    • TV - Commercials - Certs breath fresheners
    • TV - Commercials - Cheez Whiz cheese spread
    • TV - Commercials - Dimetapp allergy medicine
    • TV - Commercials - Dodge Stealth automobiles
    • TV - Commercials - Easy Spirit Lights sneakers
    • TV - Commercials - Excedrin PM pain reliever
    • TV - Commercials - Fancy Feast cat food
    • TV - Commercials - Farmers insurance group
    • TV - Commercials - Ford automobiles
    • TV - Commercials - General Foods International Coffees
    • TV - Commercials - Huffy bicycles
    • TV - Commercials - Incognito perfume
    • TV - Commercials - Lenscrafters optical stores
    • TV - Commercials - Massengill women's products
    • TV - Commercials - Mazda RX-7 automobiles
    • TV - Commercials - Sure Solid anti-perspirant
    • TV - Promos - "Late Night with David Letterman"
    • TV - Promos - "Later"
    • TV - Promos - "The Fifth Corner"


  • De Cordova, Fred … Executive Producer
  • Peter Lassally … Executive Producer
  • Jeff Sotzing … Producer
  • Jim McCawley … Co-Producer
  • Bobby Quinn … Director
  • Darrell Vickers … Writer, Writing Supervised by
  • Andrew Nicholls … Writer, Writing Supervised by
  • Michael Barrie … Writer
  • James Mulholland … Writer
  • Bob Keane … Writer
  • Tony DeSena … Writer
  • Bob Smith … Writer
  • Tom Finnigan … Writer
  • Severinsen, Carl "Doc" … Music by, Conductor
  • Johnny Carson … Host
  • Ed McMahon … Announcer
  • Bernadette Peters … Performer, Guest
  • Rodney Dangerfield … Performer, Guest
  • Beau Bridges … Guest
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