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One in this series consisting of comical animated shorts. This program contains the following segments, among others: Noah attempts to deal with the woes of being out to sea with a small zoo; a man attempts to sneak into a karate school parking lot without paying for a parking space; a man is released from prison and attempts to make it in show business with his rodent orchestra; a clockmaker contends with a cuckoo clock that is not chiming on schedule; the faces of Mount Rushmore sing "Skip to My Lou, My Darling"; a knight prepares for an expedition; an accident-prone superhero attempts to stop a gang of bank robbers; a wind-up doll makes his way across a busy street; Treeman, a man who swings on vines in the jungle, makes a surprise landing; gorillas try to deal with a giant woman sitting on top of the Empire State Building; a rabbit on an uncharted island is excited when another rabbit swims ashore; a princess contends with an ugly knight who wishes to marry her; Moses waits for a sign to tell him to part the Red Sea; a lonely man visits a park with his inflatable girlfriend; and a sick vacationer, who is lying in his hotel room, is visited by a witch doctor. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: 1982
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:19:19
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T83:0127
  • GENRE: Animation; Comedy
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Animation
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1982


  • Joseph Barbera … Producer, Director
  • William Hanna … Producer, Director
  • Harry Love … Co-Producer
  • Borge Ring … Producer, For "Oh My Darling"
  • Les Kaluza Productions … Producer, For "Potpourri", For "Birthday Cake"
  • Margaret Loesch … Production (Misc.), Executive in Charge of Production
  • Jayne Barbera … Production (Misc.), Executive in Charge of Production
  • Frank Andrima … Animation
  • Ed Barge … Animation
  • Bob Bransford … Animation
  • Lefty Callahan … Animation
  • Rudy Cataldi … Animation
  • Joan Drake … Animation
  • Bob Goe … Animation
  • Bob Hathcock … Animation
  • Fred Helmich … Animation
  • Bill Hutten … Animation
  • Rick Leon … Animation
  • Tony Love … Animation
  • Ron Myrick … Animation
  • Margaret Nichols … Animation
  • John Walder … Animation
  • Tex Avery … Writer
  • Tom Waldman … Writer
  • Barry Butzer … Writer
  • Hoyt Curtin … Music (Misc. Credits), Music Direction
  • Scatman Crothers … Singer, Main title theme sung by
  • Henry Corden … Cast, Voice
  • Joan Gerber … Cast, Voice
  • Bob Hastings … Cast, Voice
  • Joyce Jameson … Cast, Voice
  • Don Messick … Cast, Voice
  • Sidney Miller … Cast, Voice
  • Robert Allen Ogle … Cast, Voice
  • Ronnie Schell … Cast, Voice
  • Hal Smith … Cast, Voice
  • John Stephenson … Cast, Voice
  • Janet Waldo … Cast, Voice
  • Lennie Weinrib … Cast, Voice
  • Frank Welker … Cast, Voice
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