This special radio broadcast, originating from The Museum of Television & Radio in Los Angeles, features the popular morning disc jockey team of Mark Thompson and Brian Phelps from KLOS-FM in Los Angeles. In this program, Mark and Brian lead a reading of two classic gothic horror stories from "The Witch's Tale," which were originally broadcast in the 1930s. Performers include Jess Harnell, Julie Hagerty, Barry Williams, Roxanne Dawson, Ted Levine, Bill Mumy, and Judd Nelson. In this first episode, entitled "Devil Hands," convicted murderer Ivan Turgoff is awaiting a date with the electric chair on death row. The man who put Turgoff behind bars, District Attorney Terry, feels that the convict's claim that his hands were possessed by the devil may be correct. Terry's wife, Laine, and Dr. Shelton feel that the attorney just needs rest. But Terry visits the inmate and just before Turgoff is escorted to the electric chair, he wills his devil hands upon Terry. Once Turgoff dies, Terry's hands start scribbling the word "kill" uncontrollably; he shows the paper to Dr. Shelton and begs to have his hands cut off so he won't strangle Laine. Terry tries to flee town and move away, but his hands strangle to death everyone who tries to help him escape. Officer Ryan restrains Terry with handcuffs, but upon explaining that Turgoff was able to slip out of the cuffs, Terry promptly does the same. Ultimately, Terry wraps the devil hands around Laine's neck and tries to kill his loving wife. In the second episode, entitled "The Tenant," Tom wonders why their upstairs tenant is pacing so much and making strange noises. Jim McGrath, the fiance of Tom's daughter, smells an unpleasant odor from the upstairs room and Tom is eager to investigate. Upon breaking down the door, Tom sees the tenant dead on the floor. When the police investigate, they are dumbfounded by the lack of evidence showing any foul play. Lieutenant Dwan believes the tenant died from fear, and looking around the room, Jim notices many of the books in the room concern devil worship and witchcraft. While the autopsy is performed, they speculate on the events in the upstairs room and the source of the lingering odor. As they ponder a puzzling explanation for the tenant's death, two gunshots are heard upstairs and two cops are found in pools of blood. One cop, barely alive, tells Jim what happened. Jim then proposes a theory that could stop the madness in the upstairs room, but his plan could risk everyone's lives. Includes commercials, promos, and a public service announcement.


  • DATE: October 30, 1998 Friday AM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:37:00
  • COLOR/B&W: N/A
  • CATALOG ID: T:55242
  • GENRE: Radio - Drama, mystery/suspense
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Drama, mystery/suspense
    • Radio - Commercials - Auto Nation USA used car stores
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    • Radio - Commercials - California Lottery
    • Radio - Commercials - Discover credit cards
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    • Radio - Commercials - Guiness beer
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    • Radio - Commercials - McDonald's fast food
    • Radio - Commercials - Pacific Bell phone company
    • Radio - PSA - Los Angeles County of Health Services
    • Radio - Promos - "20/20"
    • Radio - Promos - "Brimstone"
    • Radio - Promos - "Candid Camera"
    • Radio - Promos - "Friends"
    • Radio - Promos - "Garfield's Halloween Adventure"
    • Radio - Promos - "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"
    • Radio - Promos - "Kids Say the Darndest Things"
    • Radio - Promos - "Millennium"
    • Radio - Promos - "Nash Bridges"
    • Radio - Promos - "Star Wars"


  • Frank Murphy … Producer, Director
  • Alonzo Deen Cole … Writer
  • Tom Mazer … Music by, Conductor
  • Mark Thompson … Host, Performer
  • Brian Phelps … Host, Performer
  • Roxanne Dawson … Performer
  • Julie Hagerty … Performer
  • Jess Harnell … Performer
  • Ted Levine … Performer
  • Mumy, Bill (See also: Mumy, Billy) … Performer
  • Judd Nelson … Performer
  • Barry Williams … Performer
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