One in this series of television magazines, in which host Charles Kuralt presents clips from his twenty-five years of travel journalism through the backroads of America. The first segment takes place on an island off the coast of North Carolina, where there is a little plot of land that belongs to Great Britain. This plot holds the graves of four British soldiers who died during World War II, protecting the U.S. coast. Next, Kuralt interviews Lula Watson, a 103-year-old woman, who has a job bringing cheer to retirement homes with songs and stories, and claims that work is what has kept her going. Kuralt also spends time with an eighty-three-year-old man who moved deep into the north woods of Minnesota to find freedom, and has spent his life perfecting the art of building beautiful birch canoes entirely by hand. In Colorado Springs, the Venetucci brothers have an autumn ritual of inviting hundreds of school children to pick pumpkins from their ranch. Finally, in Lebannon, Ohio, Kuralt goes to the Golden Lamb, a hotel which has welcomed hundreds of guests since it opened in 1815, including Mark Twain, Henry Clay, and Charles Dickens. Includes commercials.

("On the Road with Charles Kuralt" consists of excerpts from Charles Kuralt's segments on the CBS Evening News, beginning in 1967. In the 1970s the show was aired in four special broadcasts, and in 1983 it was developed into a regular ten-week summer series. This program represents one of a series that was reworked for and aired on the Travel Channel in 1993.)

Cataloging of this program was made possible by the CBS Foundation, 1998.


  • NETWORK: Travel Channel
  • DATE: 1993
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:22:00
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:54642
  • GENRE: Magazine
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Canoe building
  • SERIES RUN: Travel Channel - TV series, 1993
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - "On the Road with Charles Kuralt" (home video of this series)


  • Robert Northshield … Executive Producer
  • Dalton Delan … Executive Producer
  • Meredith Stark … Coordinating Producer
  • Bernard Birnbaum … Senior Producer
  • Phil Frank … Senior Producer
  • Brook Porter … Producer
  • Peter Freundlich … Writer
  • Tom Harris … Writer
  • Charles Kuralt … Writer, Host, Interviewer
  • Henry Clay
  • Charles Dickens
  • Mark Twain
  • Lula Watson