One in this comedy series about Carrie Bradshaw, a single Manhattanite who writes a popular sex-advice column for a newspaper while dishing out dating advice and dirt with her three closest friends. In this episode, Carrie goes to the Hamptons to visit married friends. One morning she is confronted in the hallway by the husband, who is standing before her naked from the waist down. Carrie tells the wife about the incident and is promptly asked to leave. Back in New York City, Carrie explains the incident to her friends, and they discuss the reasons for which married people seem to hate single people. Carrie begins to think about why she is happy being single and then bumps into a gay married couple on the street. The two ask her to donate her eggs so they can have a baby, a proposition that makes her ponder the notion of being single. Meanwhile, Miranda is set up on a blind date at her company softball game, and her date turns out to be another woman. She is shocked that people think she is a lesbian but decides to play along when a senior partner at the law firm invites her and her "lover" to a dinner party. Carrie then gets fixed up with a handsome man in whom she develops an interest. She drags Samantha and Charlotte along to his housewarming party, and they are shocked to find that the party is dominated by married couples. Charlotte tells Carrie that Carrie's new man is probably going to propose marriage soon, but Carrie is doubtful. After the dinner party, Miranda tells the truth about her sexual preference to the senior partner. Carrie then tells her new man that being single is what she wants right now.

(This program contains adult-oriented language and material.)

This selection from the Alan Gerry Cable Collection has been made available by the Gerry Foundation, Inc.


  • DATE: June 21, 1998 Sunday 9:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:23:55
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:53950
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Comedy; LGBT Collection - Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: HBO - TV series, 1998-2004


  • Darren Star … Executive Producer, Created by
  • Jane Raab … Co-Producer
  • Mark McGann … Associate Producer
  • Amy B. Harris … Associate Producer
  • Nicole Holofcener … Director
  • Michael Patrick King … Writer
  • Candace Bushnell … Based on the book "Sex and the City" by
  • Douglas J. Cuomo … Music by
  • Sarah Jessica Parker … Cast, Carrie Bradshaw
  • Kim Cattrall … Cast, Samantha Jones
  • Kristin Davis … Cast, Charlotte York
  • Cynthia Nixon … Cast, Miranda Hobbes
  • Willie Garson … Cast, Stanford Blatch
  • Jennifer Guthrie … Cast, Patience
  • Joanna P. Adler … Cast, Syd
  • Remy Auberjonois … Cast, the Waiter
  • Kristen Behrendt … Cast, Rebecca
  • H. Jon Benjamin … Cast, Jeff
  • Karen Braga … Cast, the Intellectual Woman
  • John Connolly … Cast, David
  • Kerrianne Spellman Cort … Cast, Anne
  • Andrew Fiscella … Cast, the Working Class Guy
  • David Forsyth … Cast, Chip
  • Karl Geary … Cast, Tommy
  • Isabel Gillies … Cast, Elaine
  • Melora Griffis … Cast, the Young Thirties Woman
  • David Healy … Cast, Peter
  • Lou Liberatore … Cast, Lou
  • Scott Rabinowitz … Cast, Sean
  • Peter Reardon … Cast, Paul
  • Peter Rini … Cast, Joe
  • Stephanie Venditto … Cast, Lisa
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