One in this comedy series starring Lucille Ball as Lucy Carter, a single mother working for her brother-in-law Harry at his employment agency.

Lucy puts out an advertisement in the newspaper to try to rent out Kim’s old room. Mary Jane and Harry are present when she shows the room to an old lady whom Lucy despises. The three of them drive her away by pretending that they all partake in wild parties with great frequency. Harry suggests that Lucy use a rental agent in order to find a suitable tenant. The agent soon finds Lucy a tenant, although he turns out to be an obnoxious and ill-tempered used car salesman named Kermit Boswell. Lucy protests, mainly because she only wanted a female tenant, but she did not give any instructions to that effect. Lucy tries to get him to leave, but he refuses to do so and the lease has already been finalized.

Kermit’s presence in Lucy’s house causes major friction between the two of them as Lucy comes to resent him more and more. Mary Jane comes to visit and Lucy explains her situation, and Kermit comes downstairs and meets Mary Jane, briefly mistaking her for a former customer of his and insulting her. Lucy devises a scheme to get rid of Kermit by taking advantage of his misogyny and stated distaste for marriage, hoping that by pretending to be romantically interested in him she can convince him to vacate the room. She starts by cooking him breakfast for a week and chatting him up, trying to conceal her obvious distaste for him. When she claims to have fallen in love with him, her plan backfires and he says he has also fallen in love with her. Lucy panics and does her best to avoid Kermit, consulting with Mary Jane. She inadvertently gives Lucy an idea based on the plot of an old film: to make it seem as though Lucy is already married and to have her long-lost jealous “husband” return to oust Kermit. That night, Kermit attempts to take Lucy out to dinner, but is interrupted by the arrival of Harry, playing the part of Lucy’s supposedly-dead husband. Together, they make it seem as though Lucy’s life is plagued with problems and macabre secrets, much to Kermit’s displeasure. The plan works and Kermit takes his leave of Lucy. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE:
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:22:51
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 117797
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - TV series, 1968-1974


    • Gary Morton … Executive Producer
    • Cleo Smith … Producer
    • William Magginetti … Associate Producer
    • Coby Ruskin … Director
    • Fred S. Fox … Writer
    • Seaman Jacobs … Writer
    • Marl Young … Music by
    • Wilbur Hatch … Theme Music by
    • Julian Davidson … Theme Music by
    • Lucille Ball … Cast, Lucy Carter
    • Gale Gordon … Cast, Harry Carter
    • Jackie Coogan … Cast, Kermit Boswell
    • Mary Jane Croft … Cast, Mary Jane
    • Reta Shaw … Cast, Mrs. Witherspoon
    • Rhodes Reason … Cast, Keith Davidson