One in this series of comedy programs about a working-class household presided over by the opinionated Archie Bunker. In this episode, Archie's plan to enjoy a long awaited dinner of foot-long hot dogs is derailed when Gloria bursts through the front door in tears. Gloria asks to speak with Edith privately so Edith tells Archie that she is storing the hot dogs in the Jeffersons' freezer and will bring them home for preparation after she talks with her daughter. In the kitchen, Gloria reveals to Edith that she was assaulted on her way home by a stranger at a local construction site. Although she managed to avoid being raped, Gloria is shaken up. Before Archie has a chance to hear the news, he becomes frazzled himself after Lionel Jefferson comes to the Bunker household to report that the dog has eaten all of the frozen foot-longs. Gloria finally reveals the news of her traumatic day to Archie and Mike, who become furious and call the police. A detective arrives and tells Gloria that it will be very hard for her to pursue her case in court as many defense attorneys in rape trials shift focus from the rapist to the plaintiff's past sexual history. Archie reminds Gloria that she once posed nude for an artist friend, and the detective says that this incident could be discussed in court. While the family debates how Gloria should handle her case, Edith admits that she, too, once suffered a sexual assault as a young woman at Rockaway Beach. Commercials deleted.

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  • DATE: March 17, 1973 Saturday 8:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:22:44
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:14581
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - TV series, 1971-1979


  • Norman Lear … Executive Producer, Developed by
  • Gene Marcione … Associate Producer
  • Bob LaHendro … Director
  • John Rich … Director
  • Austin Kalish … Writer
  • Irma Kalish … Writer
  • Don Nicholl … Writer
  • Johnny Speight … Based on "Till Death Do Us Part" by
  • Lee Adams … Theme Music by, Opening theme "Those Were the Days" by
  • Charles Strouse … Theme Music by, Opening theme "Those Were the Days" by
  • Carroll O'Connor … Cast, Archie Bunker
  • Jean Stapleton … Cast, Edith Bunker
  • Rob Reiner … Cast, Mike Stivic
  • Sally Struthers … Cast, Gloria Stivic
  • Mike Evans … Cast, Lionel
  • Melvin Stewart … Cast, Henry Jefferson
  • Charles Durning … Cast, Detective