One in the NBC run of this dramatic anthology series hosted by Alfred Hitchcock. In this episode, a young policeman named Harry Turner is shot dead by a fleeing robber, and a witness, George Lassiter, offers to help identify the killer. The criminal, Charlie Marks, having also been shot, visits a Dr. Vogel, and Vogel reluctantly patches him up, wondering why he assists "bums like him" for money. Charlie pleads for a painkiller prescription and gives Vogel $40 of the stolen money, and he heads off to a drugstore and waits impatiently for the assistant pharmacist, Vernon, to fill the order. He grows increasingly agitated as the radio reports on Turner's death, noting that the killer escaped with $15,000, but neither Vernon, the head pharmacist Mr. Fletcher, nor a policeman who stops by in search of cough syrup notices that the fugitive described in the report is right in their midst.

Charlie flees to a hotel room and tries to resist the urge to take the strong narcotics, aware that he must "stay alert" until he makes his escape. As he calls the local bus depot, Lassiter peruses mugshots and finally identifies the man he saw, and the cops hurry off to capture Charlie. Charlie then catches Vernon rushing towards his hotel room and, sure that he has been followed, rashly shoots the young man and escapes. Vernon is taken away for emergency treatment, and Mr. Fletcher frantically tells the police that he sent his assistant to warn Charlie that he had accidentally been given a poisonous drug instead of the painkillers. The cops reassure the worried pharmacist, aware that Charlie has been left to his own karmic fate. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: 8:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:24:42
  • COLOR/B&W: B&W
  • CATALOG ID: B:02604
  • GENRE: Drama, mystery/suspense
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Crime and criminals
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - TV series, 1955-1960; 1962-1964 / NBC - 1960-1962; 1964-1965


    • Joan Harrison … Producer
    • Norman Lloyd … Associate Producer
    • Alan Crosland Jr. … Director
    • Henry Slesar … Writer
    • Alfred Hitchcock … Host
    • Robert Redford … Cast, Charlie Pugh (Marks)
    • Russell Collins … Cast, Mr. Fletcher
    • Joby Baker … Cast, Vernon
    • Bernard Kates … Cast, The Witness (George Lassiter)
    • King Calder … Cast, The Police Lieutenant
    • Bob Karnes … Cast, The Sergeant
    • Bert Remsen … Cast, The Officer
    • Gage Clarke … Cast, Dr. Vogel
    • Harry Swoger … Cast, Mr. Grissom