One in this comedy series about Oscar Madison and Felix Unger, two divorced men who share an apartment in New York City. Oscar is going to Hollywood to play himself in a film in a bit role, along with several other sports writers. His date cancels at the last minute and Felix convinces Oscar to let him go along. In Hollywood the two of them sightsee for a while and run into Bob Hope taking out his trash. Felix acts a bit too star-struck for Oscar's taste, getting very excited over even the most minor encounters with stars. Soon Felix grows frustrated with what he perceives as the studio not giving Oscar fair treatment, and heads down there himself to issue demands to the studio head. Unbeknownst to him, the studio has already decided to give Oscar two more pages of dialogue for pacing reasons. Felix returns to Oscar and informs him of the extra dialogue, believing that it was granted thanks to his actions. The next day, the two of them arrive on the shooting location in a small town in Nevada. Felix is excited to meet the film's star, who is soon put off when Felix confronts him with a gossip item about him. Soon Felix's demands prove to be too much for the film's director, who fires Oscar. Oscar is extremely upset at Felix, but Felix vows to get Oscar back in the film. This proves to be easier than he expected: unbeknownst to him, the sports writer who was to replace Oscar suddenly died. The studio head realizes that he has to put Oscar back in the film, and thus immediately acquiesces to Felix's demand. They return to the shooting location, but Felix's presence proves to be distracting for Oscar, who not only flubs his lines but also accidentally wrecks the set. During a shooting break Felix tries to speak to the director about Oscar, but they end up replacing him with Felix instead. However, Felix deliberately overacts and goes off-script so that they'll re-hire Oscar. However, the film crew decides to exercise an alternative option. Includes commercials.


  • DATE: October 3, 1974 8:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:28:28
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:12779
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 1970-1975
  • COMMERCIALS: TV – Commercials – Saran Wrap plastic film^TV – Commercials – Ivory soap^TV – Commercials – Dristan cold medicine^TV – Commercials – Denorex shampoo^TV – Commercials – Scope mouthwash^TV – Commercials – Pampers diapers^TV – Promos – "The Six Million Dollar Man"


  • Sheldon Keller … Executive Producer
  • Garry Marshall … Executive Producer, Developed by
  • Tony Marshall … Producer
  • Nick Abdo … Associate Producer
  • Carl Mahakian … Associate Producer
  • Jerry Belson … Developed by
  • Mel Ferber … Director
  • Al Gordon … Writer
  • Hal Goldman … Writer
  • Neil Simon … Based on the play "The Odd Couple" by
  • Neal Hefti … Music by
  • Tony Randall … Cast, Felix Unger
  • Jack Klugman … Cast, Oscar Madison
  • George Montgomery … Cast, Griff
  • Bob Hope … Cast, Himself
  • Allan Arbus … Cast, Director
  • Al Molinaro … Cast, Murray
  • Leonard Barr … Cast, Stickman
  • Alan Dexter … Cast, J. B.
  • Alice James … Cast, Script Girl
  • Mickey Fox … Cast, Hannah