One in this western series about Dr. Michaela Quinn, a young doctor practicing medicine in 19th-century Colorado Springs, Colorado.

One day, Michaela answers her office door and is faced with an unknown gunman who shoots her in the shoulder before riding off. The townfolk rush to get Michaela away and treat her wound. Dr. Cook, Hank, and Cloud Dancing struggle to stanch the bleeding and sew a suture in order to save her. Michaela survives the operation and the townsfolk anxiously wait to see if she will survive. Sully is informed of Michaela’s condition and immediately rides back from a survey to see her. Brian speaks to the unconscious Michaela at her bedside, begging her to hang on to life. Eventually she regains consciousness, and is sent home after a few days to rest and recover her strength. Upon arrival, Loren meets her and reports that the man who shot her has been arrested, and that he is wanted for murdering three other doctors on account of his wife dying during an operation. Michaela has little reaction to this news, and Sully leads her inside to her bed.

That night, Michaela has a dream involving a traumatic flashback to her encounter with the gunman. She awakes with a start and Sully tries to calm her down. After two weeks, Michaela returns to work, eager to return to her patients. Sully thanks Hank for his role in helping to save Michaela’s life. Michaela’s friends keep dropping by to check up on her as she grows increasingly nervous and jumpy. The next day she decides to stay home, claiming that she is feeling lightheaded. However, she continues to experience traumatic flashbacks, making it impossible for her to get any rest. She stays home for another day, worrying Sully. He brings Dr. Cook back to check up on her, and he declares that her health is good. He believes her nightmares will disappear over time. However, Sully and Colleen note that they are growing in intensity, and they begins to suspect that she may be experiencing post-traumatic stress from the incident.

Michaela continues to concoct excuses to stay home from the clinic, but Sully tries to convince her otherwise. He urges her to talk about her nightmares, but she insists nothing is wrong with her, and stays home to tend to Katie, whom she claims is running a fever. The next day, Michaela seems refreshed and eager to return to work. She admits that Sully was right and doesn’t want to let her trauma get in the way of her work. However, she backs down before she can go, panicking and shaking uncontrollably. Dorothy and Cloud Dancing visit Michaela at her house, hoping to provide some help, but they accomplish nothing. Later she has an emotional breakdown while talking to Colleen and Brian. Her nightmares increase in frequency and intensity, convincing her that she can’t go back to the clinic and must quit her practice. She cannot properly articulate the cause of her fears to Sully. She collapses in fear when the front door slams shut, distressing Brian and Sully.

That night, while bathing Katie, a storm breaks out and a large branch comes crashing through the window, startling Michaela. This incident affects Michaela; helping her to realize that she is not truly safe anywhere, even in her own home. She feels she must get on with her life and stop being afraid of things she can’t control. She returns to work, seemingly free of her panic attacks. The clinic is soon visited by Loren, and Michaela helps him tend to a minor injury. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: February 28, 1998 8:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:46:56
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:82469
  • GENRE: Drama, western
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Drama, historical
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - TV series, 1993-1998


    • Beth Sullivan … Executive Producer, Created by
    • Carl Binder … Executive Producer, Writer
    • Chris Abbott … Co-Executive Producer
    • Philip Gerson … Co-Executive Producer
    • Eric Tuchman … Supervising Producer
    • John Liberti … Producer
    • Benjamin Benedetti … Associate Producer
    • James Keach … Director
    • William Olvis … Music by
    • Jane Seymour … Cast, Dr. Michaela Quinn
    • Joe Lando … Cast, Byron Sully
    • Chad Allen … Cast, Matthew Cooper
    • Jessica Bowman … Cast, Colleen Cooper
    • Shawn Toovey … Cast, Brian Cooper
    • Barbara Babcock … Cast, Dorothy Jennings
    • William Shockley … Cast, Hank Lawson
    • Brandon Douglas … Cast, Dr. Andrew Cook
    • Jim Knobeloch … Cast, Jake Slicker
    • Larry Sellers … Cast, Cloud Dancing
    • Orson Bean … Cast, Loren Bray
    • Alexandria Calabrese … Cast, Katie Sully
    • McKenzie Calabrese … Cast, Katie Sully
    • Megan Calabrese … Cast, Katie Sully
    • Jon Simmons … Cast, Man
    • Diane McBain … Cast, Old Woman
    • Cheryl Smith … Cast, Butch's Mother
    • Tyler Trute … Cast, Butch