One in this series of arts programs featuring the work of leading avant-garde artists in video, music, dance, theater, and film. An adaptation of Jim Cartwright's stage play directed by Alan Clarke, "Road" is a raw contemporary drama set in working-class northern England which reflects the cross-generational rage of the disengaged and unemployed. Progressing through a series of scenes depicting familial arguments and longing soliloquies -- sometimes spoken directly to the camera -- by embittered hopeless people who are nostalgic for the past, this drama climaxes in the encounter between a quartet of emotionally-wounded adults who meet at a run-down dance hall. Hoping to liberate themselves from their frustrations and listlessness, the foursome become intoxicated, listen to Otis Redding music, and rant about their inconsolable bitterness in a desperate attempt to unearth a modicum of hope for the future. This program is close-captioned.

(Series title varies; as above, 1985-1991; as "Alive TV," 1992 onward.) Cataloging of this program was made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


  • DATE: September 13, 1990
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:57:14
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:38104
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SERIES RUN: PBS - TV series, 1985-1996


  • For "Alive From Off Center"
  • John Schott … Executive Producer
  • John Ligon … Executive Producer
  • Gerald Richman … Executive in Charge
  • Di Lorenzo, Eugenio H. … Production (Misc.), Production Manager
  • Citizen M … Theme music by
  • Newton/Bard Music … Music (Misc. Credits), Additional Music
  • For "Road"
  • AndrŽe Molyneux … Producer
  • David M. Thompson … Producer
  • Corin Campbell-Hill … Production (Misc.), Production Manager
  • Paul Judges … Production (Misc.), Production Manager
  • Alan Clarke … Director
  • Jim Cartwright … Writer
  • Neil Dudgeon … Cast, Brink
  • Jane Horrocks … Cast, Louise
  • Andrew Wilde … Cast, Brother
  • William Armstrong … Cast, Eddie
  • Willy Ross … Cast, Dad
  • Alan David … Cast, Jerry
  • Mossie Smith … Cast, Carol
  • Barbara Keogh … Cast, Brenda
  • Lesley Sharp … Cast, Valerie
  • Susan Brown … Cast, Helen
  • Tim Dantay … Cast, Soldier
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