This Swedish drama tells the story of Ester Hershagen, a woman who embarks on a personal journey of liberation after her wealthy aunt dies, leaving her the sole heir. When Ester's Aunt Agnes dies, she leaves her favorite niece her money, her apartment, and a letter advising her to take advantage of life and enjoy her golden years. Ester takes a look at the drunken husband, greedy daughter, gambling son, and wild grandchildren she has spent her life caring for and immediately moves into her aunt's apartment to create a new life. When she begins a flirtatious friendship with Aunt Agnes's lawyer, Ester realizes she still has spunk left in her. She goes on a weight loss program and develops a unique way to meet eligible men: she finds the potential paramours by scanning the obituaries for women who died and left behind widowers. In this way, she meets and develops relationships with four kind men. As a symbol of her new life, Ester adorns herself with two tattoos that express the changes in her life. Meanwhile, her family reacts in various ways; most notably, her daughter Anette is furious and finds her mother's behavior scandalous and selfish. She blames Ester for her own problems and sets out to avenge her mother's actions. Anette's rage almost destroys the woman, but with the support of the new gentlemen in her life, Ester reigns supreme.

(This program is in Swedish with English subtitles.)

(This program is the winner of the 1998 International Emmy Award for drama.)


  • NETWORK: Sveriges Television (Sweden)
  • DATE: 1998
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:38:45
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:55041
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SERIES RUN: Sveriges Television (Sweden) - TV, 1998


    • Lars Molin … Director, Writer
    • Ted Strom … Music by
    • Mona Malm … Cast, Ester Hershagen
    • Gosta Bredefeldt … Cast, Allan Hershagen
    • Goran Forsmark … Cast, Joakim Hershagen
    • Pia Johansson … Cast, Anette Ramberg
    • Maria Kulle … Cast, Lillemor Hershagen
    • Per Graffman … Cast, Jorgen Ramberg
    • Erland Josephson … Cast, Per Gunnarson
    • Sven Wollter … Cast, Erik Sandstrom
    • Ingvar Hirdwall … Cast, Egon Andersson
    • Jan Malmsjo … Cast, Leon Mark
    • Niklas Falk … Cast, Cederberg
    • Hakan Fohlin … Cast, Prasten Eklof
    • Gunilla Nyroos … Cast, Roda Korssystern
    • Viktor Friberg … Cast, Hovmastaren
    • Lakke Magnusson … Cast, Lakaren
    • Lis Nilheim … Cast, Knipan
    • Marika Lindstrom … Cast, Invagningsdamen
    • Marta Alvarez … Cast, Elana
    • Lotta Beling … Cast, Kontoristen
    • Per Burell … Cast, Polisen
    • Inga Landgre … Cast, Faster Agnes Rost