One in this series of spontaneous comedy talk shows hosted by Bill Maher. Maher presides over a no-holds-barred forum whose members come from the worlds of politics, journalism, and entertainment in order to discuss current events -- no matter how controversial. In this program, Maher welcomes the combustible group of actor Chevy Chase, television producer Steven Bochco, Democratic analyst and lawyer Susan Estrich, and Republican columnist Jennifer Grossman. Before the guests are introduced, Maher delivers a brief monologue with jokes related to O.J. Simpson, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, and "king of pop" Michael Jackson. Maher then introduces his guests one by one, and they gather around the table to begin their debate. Although the show's topic is ostensibly hazing at military academies, the discussion is quickly re-routed by Chase to focus on the nature of television, which he characterizes as "useless and worthless." Chase particularly singles out Bochco, the producer of shows like "NYPD Blue" and "Hill Street Blues," as a perpetrator of egregiously violent programming. Shortly thereafter, he admits that he is not terribly familiar with Bochco's work. When Maher attempts to get the conversation back on track, Chase declares that he disapproves even of Maher's show. Bochco suggests that Chase leave the show, and Chase almost makes it out the door before Maher stops him and asks him to stay. Bochco then takes the opportunity to criticize Chase's work and to point out that Chase got his start in television. The debate continues when Susan Estrich makes a joke at Chase's expense about his past work on "Saturday Night Live."


  • DATE: June 6, 1997 Friday 12:05 AM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:30:00
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:49296
  • GENRE: Comedy; Talk/Interviews
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Comedy; Talk shows
  • SERIES RUN: Comedy Central - TV series, 1993-1997; ABC - 1997-2002
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - Visa credit cards^TV - Commercials - Saturn automobiles^TV - Commercials - Monistat medicine^TV - Commercials - Subway restaurants^TV - Commercials - Rogaine hair resoration drug^TV - Commercials - Doritos chips^TV - Commercials - Lotrimin athlete's foot medication^TV - Commercials - Gateway computers^TV - Promos - "Detroit Grand Prix"^TV - Promos - "Lois and Clark"^TV - Promos - "Spy Game"^TV - Promos - "Without Consent"^TV - Promos - The Belmont Stakes^TV - Promos - "Nightline"^TV - Promos - "NYPD Blue"^TV - Promos - "The Drew Carey Show"^TV - Promos - "Ellen"^TV - Promos - "Coach"^TV - Promos - "Grace Under Fire"^TV - Promos - "The Temp" (broadcast of a feature film)^TV - PSA - Ad Council "Charity"^TV - PSA - Lutheran Church "Set a Good Example"^TV - PSA - National Urban League "Beat the Streets"


  • Scott Carter … Executive Producer
  • Nancy Geller … Executive Producer
  • Douglas M. Wilson … Senior Producer
  • Kevin E. Hamburger … Supervising Producer
  • Michael Dimich … Director
  • Scott Carter … Writer
  • Christopher Case Erbland … Writer
  • Mack Dryden … Writer
  • Hayes Jackson … Writer
  • Brian Jacobsmeyer … Writer
  • Bill Kelley … Writer
  • Billy Martin … Writer
  • Eric Weinberg … Writer
  • Bill Maher … Host
  • Steven Bochco … Guest
  • Chase Chase … Guest
  • Susan Estrich … Guest
  • Jennifer Grossman … Guest
  • Michael Jackson
  • Jack Kevorkian
  • O.J. Simpson
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