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One in this series of animated children's programs from Japan about the adventures of young Moomin and his family and friends. Tove Jansson of Finland created the character 60 years ago when she drew the world's "ugliest" creature for her little brother. In this episode, Moomin captures a baby dragon in a jar, but the dragon appears to like his best friend, Snuffkin, better than Moomin. When the sun comes out, the unusually heavy rains in Moomin Valley leave behind many puddles, and in one of those puddles Moomin discovers a baby dragon, the last one on Earth. Placing it in a jar, Moomin captures the baby dragon, which was brought down from the sky by the heavy rains.

Taking it home, Moomin keeps his discovery a secret until he can tell his best friend, Snuffkin, about his new pet. Moomin is dismayed to learn that Snuffkin is only interested in going south for the winter, but nonetheless, Moomin shows his new pet to Snuffkin first, and then to the rest of his friends and family. The feisty baby dragon, however, does not like anyone but Snuffkin, and Moomin is afraid that not only will he lose his best friend but that he may have to set his new pet free to join Snuffkin on his journey. This program is dubbed in English; the opening and closing theme song is performed in Japanese without English subtitles. Commercials deleted. (This program also aired in Finland, Spain, France and Holland.)


  • NETWORK: TV Tokyo (Japan)
  • DATE: 1990
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:23:53
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:20046
  • GENRE: Children's; Animation
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Animation; Children's programs; International Collection - Japan
  • SERIES RUN: TV Tokyo (Japan) - TV series, 1990


  • Dennis Livson … Executive Producer
  • Kazuo Tabata … Executive Producer
  • Tokumaru Kuniyasu … Executive Producer
  • Manabu Tamura … Producer
  • Mutsuo Shimizu … Producer
  • Bunker Jenkins … Producer
  • Chris Henderson … Producer
  • Hiroshi Saito … Director
  • Masauki Kojima … Co-Director
  • Tove Jansson … Writer, Original idea and characters by
  • Lars Jansson … Writer, Story and character design by
  • Yasuhiro Nakura … Writer, Additional character designs by
  • Akira Miyazaki … Writer, Script writer
  • Shozo Matsuda … Writer, Script writer
  • Sumio Shiratori … Music by, with others
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