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One in this dramatic police series about a department of reflective homicide detectives in Baltimore, Maryland. In this episode, Detectives Bayliss and Pembleton learn that an unidentified, severly beaten body was found in a dumpster behind a restaurant with a predominately gay clientele. They wonder if the murder is a hate crime, and the owner of the restaurant, Chris Rawls, says he will gladly help the detectives. Meanwhile, Bayliss and Cox discuss the status of their lackluster relationship; and, Lewis becomes panicked when Kellerman informs him of the videotape Georgia Ray claims to have of the recent shooting. The autopsy provides Bayliss and Pembleton with their only clue: the contents of the victim's stomach, indicating a full meal before the murder. From a series of photos of missing persons, Rawls identifies one man who ate in his restaurant that night. The victim's ex-lover, an accountant at a gay nightclub, identifies the body at the morgue and recalls the victim's penchant for helping street kids with food and shelter. During the investigation, Bayliss wonders aloud about homosexual relationships compared to heterosexual ones, prompting Pembleton to wonder what is on Bayliss's mind. Upon speaking with local street kids, one teen recalls a new boy named Peter Fields, who was recently spotted with the victim. Fields, who had been picked up on solicitation charges, has an outstanding warrant, and when they raid his apartment, they find a blood-stained hammer and the victim's wallet. In the meantime, Kellerman visits Georgia Ray to discuss the videotape, but he refuses to back down from her threats. As the detectives interview Fields about the murder, he refuses to answer their questions until Bayliss answers one of his. Once they wrap up the case, Bayliss tells Pembleton that he is going on a dinner date with Rawls. And, Kellerman is unnerved by the videotape that Georgia Ray has sent to the station house. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: January 2, 1998 Friday 10:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:46:30
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:51540
  • GENRE: Drama, police
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Drama, police; LGBT Collection
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1993-1999


  • Barry Levinson … Executive Producer
  • Tom Fontana … Executive Producer
  • Julie Martin … Supervising Producer, Writer, Story by
  • James Yoshimura … Supervising Producer, Writer, Story by
  • Anya Epstein … Producer
  • David Simon … Producer, Based on the book by
  • Leslie Libman … Director
  • Larry Williams … Director
  • Christopher Kyle … Writer, Teleplay by
  • Douglas J. Cuomo … Music by
  • Lynn F. Kowal … Theme Music by
  • Richard Belzer … Cast, Det. John Munch
  • Andre Braugher … Cast, Det. Frank Pembleton
  • Reed Diamond … Cast, Det. Mike Kellerman
  • Michelle Forbes … Cast, Dr. Julianna Cox
  • Peter Gerety … Cast, Det. Stu Gharty
  • Clark Johnson … Cast, Det. Meldrick Lewis
  • Yaphet Kotto … Cast, Lt. Al Giardello
  • Kyle Secor … Cast, Det. Tim Bayliss
  • Jon Seda … Cast, Det. Paul Falsone
  • Callie Thorne … Cast, Det. Laura Ballard
  • Peter Gallagher … Cast, Chris Rawls
  • Toni Lewis … Cast, Det. Teri Stivers
  • Brad Van Holt … Cast, Peter Fields
  • Bobby Brown … Cast, Terry
  • Michael Chance … Cast, Jake
  • Paul Chioariu … Cast, Derek
  • William Cote … Cast, Officer Keane
  • Richard Dallam … Cast, Tony
  • Beau James … Cast, Higby
  • Jon Orofino … Cast, Officer Hoskins
  • Judy Thornton … Cast, Judy
  • Sharon Ziman … Cast, Naomi
  • Hazelle Goodman … Cast, Georgia Ray Mahoney
  • Monica Trombetta … Cast, Janine Falsone
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