One in this animated comedy series about the Simpsons -- Homer and Marge and their children, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. As this episode begins, the dryer goes haywire and causes nine hundred dollars worth of damage, and Marge must sell a few family heirlooms to an antique shop to cover the costs. The owner of the shop, John, informs them that their valuable civil war statue is a worthless liquor bottle. Homer is enchanted by John's light-hearted mood and invites him over for dinner. When Marge informs Homer that John is gay, Homer instantly changes his feelings toward him. He then worries that Bart is following John's ways, so Homer takes Bart on some "manly" adventures at the local steel mill, but they backfire when the mill turns into a gay disco at quitting time. Moe and Barney recommend that Homer and Bart go on a hunting trip so the boy can shoot a deer to prove his manhood. But the trip turns into a disaster when Homer and Bart end up at a reindeer farm. Ultimately, John comes to their rescue when the reindeer turn violent. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: February 16, 1997 Sunday 8:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:22:45
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:55214
  • GENRE: Animation
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Animation
  • SERIES RUN: Fox - TV series, 1989-


  • Bill Oakley … Executive Producer
  • Josh Weinstein … Executive Producer
  • Matt Groening … Executive Producer, Created by, Developed by
  • James L. Brooks … Executive Producer, Developed by
  • Sam Simon … Executive Producer, Developed by
  • Phil Roman … Executive Producer, Animation
  • Jonathan Collier … Supervising Producer
  • Ken Keeler … Supervising Producer
  • David S. Cohen … Supervising Producer
  • Richard Appel … Producer
  • J. Michael Mendel … Producer
  • Richard Raynis … Producer
  • David Silverman … Producer
  • Richard Sakai … Producer
  • Denise Sirkot … Producer
  • Colin A.B.V. Lewis … Co-Producer
  • Alison Elliott … Associate Producer
  • Mike B. Anderson … Director
  • Bill Schultz … Animation
  • Michael Wolf … Animation
  • Ron Hauge … Writer
  • Alf Clausen … Music by
  • Danny Elfman … Theme Music by
  • John Waters … Special Guest, Voice
  • Dan Castellaneta … Cast, Homer Simpson, Voice
  • Julie Kavner … Cast, Marge Simpson, Voice
  • Nancy Cartwright … Cast, Bart Simpson, Voice
  • Yeardley Smith … Cast, Lisa Simpson, Voice
  • Hank Azaria … Cast, Voice
  • Harry Shearer … Cast, Voice
  • Pamela Hayden … Cast, Voice
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