One in this series of children's programs that is about a family living on the fictional island of Gullah Gullah. In this episode, an approaching thunderstorm frightens Vanessa, and she is unable to think about anything else. Aunt Natalie shows Vanessa, James, and Shaina a dance step that is performed at ever-increasing speeds; Uncle Ron sings to Vanessa and lets her know that he'll always protect her; and their neighbor, Binyah Binyah the frog, leads them all in a "pots and pans marching band" to chase away the thunder, but nothing lessens Vanessa's fears. Ranger Mike comes by and explains how people can figure out how close an approaching storm is. But Vanessa is wearing a football helmet and sunglasses so that she won't hear or see the storm -- too bad she can't hear or see anything else either. Binyah Binyah throws a party for the kids, but even that doesn't chase Vanessa's cares away. Finally, Binyah Binyah dresses up in a goofy costume, which makes Vanessa laugh and feel better. As the program ends, the storm lets up, Ranger Mike explains the benefits of lightning, and the family sings about how happy they are that the sun is shining once again. Commercials deleted.


  • NETWORK: Nickelodeon
  • DATE: December 27, 1997 Saturday 6:00 AM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:21:59
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:57009
  • GENRE: Children's
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Children's programs
  • SERIES RUN: Nickelodeon TV series, 1994-1998


    • Maria Perez-Brown … Executive Producer, Created by
    • Kathleen Minton-Catapano … Executive Producer, Created by
    • Stephanie Jones … Supervising Producer
    • Carin Greenberg Baker … Co-Producer
    • Eric Weiner … Co-Producer
    • Pauline Mason … Associate Producer
    • Valerie Kosednar … Associate Producer
    • Otis Sallid … Director
    • Kit Laybourne … Created by
    • Carin Greenberg Baker … Writer
    • Billy Straus … Music by
    • Doug Califano … Music by
    • Richard Sussman … Music by
    • Doug Califano … Music by
    • Billy Cobin … Music by
    • Bob Golden … Music by
    • Peter Lurye … Music by, Theme Music by
    • Ron Daise … Theme Music by
    • Myles Thoroughgood … Choreographer
    • Ron Daise … Cast, Uncle Ron
    • Natalie Daise … Cast, Aunt Natalie
    • Justin Campbell … Cast, Binyah Binyah Polliwog
    • Coleman, James Edward, II … Cast, James
    • Tristin Mays … Cast, Shaina
    • Vanessa Baden … Cast, Vanessa
    • Mike Walker … Cast, Ranger Mike