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One in this series of dramas reenacting major historical events and covering them as current news stories. This program dramatizes the eating of a tomato on September 26, 1820, in Salem, New Jersey, by Colonel Johnson. This would be the first time an American would consume this fruit. Highlights of this program include the following segments: John Daly waits outside the courthouse in Salem for the arrival of Colonel Johnson, who intends to prove that tomatoes -- also known as "love apples" -- are not poisonous; Quincy Howe gives historical information about Colonel Johnson and describes the crowd that has gathered to see this historic event; John Daly talks with F.L. McCullough, Secretary of the Salem County Agricultural Society, whose "love apples" will be eaten by Colonel Johnson; McCullough explains why he does not think the "love apple" will kill the Colonel; the Firemen's Band plays music; Ned Calmer reports from in front of the Colonel's home; Thomas Lambson, a member of the Salem Town Council, gives his opinion of why Johnson, who is his advisory, is pulling this stunt; Ken Roberts talks with Mrs. Annie Hunter, president of the Ladies' Society, who offers her views on Colonel Johnson and his actions; Quincy Howe talks with Johnson's physician, Dr. James Van Meeter, who explains what will happen to Johnson after he eats the tomato; Quincy Johnson talks to an Italian man, Mr. Corne, about the practice of eating tomatoes; and John Daly observes as Colonel Johnson makes a speech about his actions and then eats two tomatoes. Includes promos.


  • DATE: January 30, 1949 Sunday 2:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:29:36
  • COLOR/B&W: N/A
  • CATALOG ID: R78:0099
  • GENRE: Radio - Docudrama
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Docudrama; Drama, historical
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - Radio series, 1948-1950
    • Radio - Promos - "Electric Theatre"
    • Radio - Promos - "Our Miss Brooks"


  • Robert Lewis Shayon … Producer, Director, Writer
  • Goodman Ace … Created by
  • Micajah Wren … Writer
  • Guy Sorel … Announcer
  • Joseph S. Sickler … Production (Misc.), Consultant
  • A.J. Herbert … Cast, Col. Johnson
  • John Gibson … Cast, F.L. McCullough
  • Raymond Edward Johnson … Cast, Thomas Lambson
  • Ara Gerald … Cast, Annie Hunter
  • Bernard Lenrow … Cast, Dr. Van Meeter
  • Karl Swenson … Cast, Mr. Corne
  • John Charles Daly … Cast, himself
  • Ken Roberts … Cast, himself
  • Quincy Howe … Cast, himself
  • Ned Calmer … Cast, himself
  • Jim Davidson … Cast
  • Robert G. Johnson
  • Thomas Lambson
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